Chest Run : Prophecy - Ice Caves of Sorrow

  • CampaignProphecy
    Run Location
    Ice cave of sorrow
    Starting PointIce cave of sorrow (mission)
    Average Time
    /age 1minute for the fast run /age 6-7 minutes for the full run
    Full or partial map run
    Partial or Full
    Chest type
    Locked chest (shiverspeak chest in NM)
    Number of chests
    0-3 for the fast run 4-5 for the full run
    Q8 possible ?
    Example of targeted drop
    SSS, SWS, White Reaver, Mursaat hornbow/Hammer
    Oldschool or Insc items
    Tongtong's build template
    Run Tips / Note
    Use alcohol and dwarven stability for the Summit Beastmasters and white mantle zealots.
    SF not needed while running the white mantels part


    This run can be done 2 ways :

    -Fast run : Going until the first gate and resign (green rectangle on the map) 0 to 3 chests in /age 1minute

    -Full run : 4 to 5 chests in /age 6-7minutes (you'll need to break the doors (green rectangles) with the dwarven kegs(blue points) )

    Be careful to the catapult shots (-150 damages or half under dark escape)

    The warrior dwarves can rupt

    The mursaat warriors remove stances

    The zealots can cripple you (that's why I use IAU in HM run but can be replaced by death charge for a faster run)

    The dwarves and the white mantle will fight together (potential free drop), also if one foe get killed by the catapult


    This run is not the fastest or the most efficient, but it's fun for a change :)

    Agent Chevy data sample :

  • Nice one, I like this run. Unfortunately never got the reavers I was looking for, but I logged 500 other chest drops, let me know if you want those data.

    I've seen 4 chests before Evennia gate a few times.

    The 1st gate can be easily glitched (bit faster than getting the keg).

    Perma SF is necessary when there is a dwarf chest down on the ice in the beginning, I used this solo build with alcohol+cupcake: OwZSg4PTSf6M3lTQ4OIQ0kHQ

  • I had 2 reavers in ~90 chests : 1 gold q13 +15^stance and 1 purple

    4 chests before Evennia yes, when I say 3 it's before the first gate that you glitch (with heart of shadow I guess ? I'll need to try :) )

    Perma SF also depends on the spawn of very first group of mursaat (3 eles) and the chest after the second part at the group of 10+ ele mursaats

    If you don't mind sharing your data ! I don't think I'll have the patience to do so many runs there :)

    edit :

    Quote from Kugini

    q8's are only possible if you actually kill the white mantle but not from chest drops

    Really ? I thought the q8 drops regarding the level of the foes around

  • Unfortunately the Shiverpeak chests cannot drop Q8s, but as Kuginii mentioned, those level 20 mantles can hold a q8 Gold or Purple.

    Level 17-21 (21 can as well) can drop purple and gold q8s, but any higher level can drop white or blues only.

    Here is my prior data for this run (HM) for 307 chests


    This is also one of the few places I have gotten the relatively rare War Hammer (Krytan or aka Match Stick Skin)

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