Close/OS Weapons and a Shield

  • Hi All,

    Wondering if these would help me buy the next stack of Lockpicks:

    1) req9 Platinum Longbow +15-10Armor, Poison, +7 elemental

    2)req10 Storm Bow, +15wE, Vampiric, +1 Marksmanship

    3)req10 Plagueborn Sword, Zealous, 20% Enchantment

    4)req 9 Plagueborn Recurve Bow, +15-10Armor, Daze, +5 Armor

    5)req9 Plagueborn Maul, +14wS, +7physical, Shocking

    6)Req9 Plagueborn Hornbow, 14^50, +29hp, Shocking

    7)req 12 Plagueborn Axe, +5energy, bleeding, Axe mastery+1

    8 req11 Tactics Plagueborn Shield, +2wS, +43wS

    9)req9 Communing Plagueborn Staff, HCT Restoration 20, +4energy, Inspiration +1(19). This one is just silly 3 different stats.

  • Thanks for your input, was thinking the Shield would be worth the most. I heard there were collectors for triple stat mix staffs, but not sure if they only buy them perfect.

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