Xander's PvE Builds (Project under construction)

  • Hey everyone,

    I am sharing some of the PvE Builds that I have used so far in this game. Hope you guys will like them!

    I will be adding extra info further down the line (exact gear etc).


    Here are some new Dervish Healer Builds that I have been playing. Enjoy!:)

    If you have any questions, let me know:)

  • Okay so I have added the template codes and the gear that I have personally used:)

    More Builds to come later on most likely. Do we want more player builds or hero builds first? (including different team builds I have used)

    I would say more player builds 1st ☺️. The bars are really amazing. Have you tried new derv elite as caster ? Like mesmer spam skills or ritu heal? Really liked healing derv builds and that 100b combination

  • Was just messing around in-game a bit and started thinking....

    Why is there no D/E Support? :D


    At current attributes:
    +22 armor

    +46 armor vs Elemental

    50% to block melee attacks

    50% to block projectiles

    +8hp Regen

    All Party wide. I have to admit it looks kinda boring to play, but still might be fun who knows :D

  • As an ele main trust me I've thought about it too and it can certainly be strong but is very situational since:
    - It only really works with heroes since they all ball up anyways
    - It's only worth bringing against mainly ele enemies, dervs or death magic necs and against the first 2 you don't really want to ball up to begin with :D
    - consider bringing EBSoCourage vs Charr to get most of the buffs in one skill
    - Bit sad when SY adds more armor in a much much larger area without cast time, energy cost or chance to be rupted, etc.

    One under-used ward spell I however really like bringing is Ward of Stability against heavy knock areas like vs Jotuns, Summit Beast Masters, Stygians, Abyssals or similar :)

    You should still try it out vs some fire eles like in Sacnoth Valley or Hells Precipice :) Works wonders with the regen vs burning too

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  • Some heavy off-meta ele builds that actually surpised me and got me to play them a few times are:


    20/10/10 ES Staff of enchanting or 10/10/10 envoy for the first build and 40/20/20 Water Staff of enchanting for the second

    IGN: Heavens Temptation | Purple Crystas, Zodicas, Tall Shields

  • Alright guys, I am working on a Dervish GWAMM at the moment that turned into a Healer Dervish GWAMM. As it is closing into the end (mostly just vqs left), I will be looking for a next project.

    So far I have come up with the following builds that seem fun to play!


    Which one do you think I should do first? :)

  • The Monk build looks superior! 😍


    Directly after Derv healer another healer? 🤔

    I say go for Necro 💀 and then switch it up with a healer afterwards 🙏


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  • Alright. I have done it again :D

    I have tried out multiple variations and different combinations of professions to arrive at this point. I have not yet tried out this version but thought that maybe some of you might like to give it a try. The thing that is new is the AotL Protter. Before I was personally playing prot and had a SoS prot hero but it just felt like wasted space and came up with this. I have tried E/Mo ER Protter but didnt like the reliance on enchants to keep up.

    I hereby present... "Signets, Spirits and Minions"!


    To give a short summary, this team provides:

    - 10 Offensive Spirits (including Ench strip, Blind, Interrupt and double dmg vs Hexed foes)

    - 19 Minions total (if I calculated correctly; 11 from AotL Protter and 8 from Keystone Bomber)

    - Great damage and Interrupts through the many signets and Keystone

    - Undisturbed Damage pumping from Visions of Regrets as there are no other Mesmer Hexes preventing full damage

    - Great Snares such as Deep Freeze and Binding Chains

    - Hex Removal: 1 (x2) | all hexes (x1)

    - Condi Removal: 0-11 Conditions (x2) (11 Spirits in total)

    I have tried this team mostly with Consets, however I have done Levels 1 & 2 SoO HM without Cons together with Emma without much issue.

    If you did want to try it, this should work on all classes that can effectively play SoS and should therefore be quite easy.

    If you have questions, let me know!