New campaign for Guild Wars 1, we can make it happen if there is a will.

  • One hundred votes in the poll, that's the the spirit!

    I find it quite intriguing that every now and then there is a person that shows up and comes out with an initiative for new content, new campaigns, making GW an Esport yada, yada, yada. The person makes some fuss around the initiative, the initiative garners little to no attention, the founder disappears into the abyss and there is no official response from Anet. A couple of months later the story repeats itself.

    Now why is that?

    Is it because the active GW community comprise of roughly 20k players and even if they all were to pay for the new content it still wouldn't turn the profit for Arena-Net?

    Or perhaps because Arena-Net are and have been adamant about their policy regarding creating new content for GW1 and majority of the players actually realise that?

    A new campaign is as likely as the Dev Team doing anything about the bots... yeah, not happening.

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    I'm also willing to bet that CoH had a lot more than that when it was shut down, and it was still an active game.

    Good Grenth, I miss that game! When I took my first ever break from GW in 2008, CoH filled up my play time nicely.

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  • Everyone seems to be throwing in their 10 cents so I figured I best join in.

    Of course I'd like to see new content for GW1. I've played this game since Prophecies and still not finished everything. New content is always exciting and refreshing, who wouldn't want that? Whether it's feasible is a completely different matter. I think everyone's weighed in enough on that so I'll leave it be.

    Good luck in this endeavour!


    Always blame the Monk.


  • Does anyone here even know how much it would cost to develop an expansion? I mean someone with actual knowledge of creating a game and not people who love Guild Wars speculating.

    I'd honestly love to know just how much money it would take for them to seriously look into this.

  • Well, I can give you an idea of what it would cost to bring on a new team of IT people to start working on the code....the average salary for a year for devs and IT people is about $100k (give or take--figuring in experience with older code and such etc.) and if you need a team of about 6-12...well you can start to get an idea of just the cost to bring new people in. Yes you can get cheaper programmers and a smaller team and hope that it takes less than a year to get it out, but this at least gives you a starting point (and remember anet is based in washington state, where microsoft is located as there might be a good pool of resources/people to work from out there--take a look at monster and other job boards and see what the salaries are for different parts of the IT groups).

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  • Hello to everyone who's reading that topic, which is, without a doubt, a very difficult one to contribute with a comment on, especially accounting a part of my own experience of trying to establish constructive environment in application of how the Guild Wars 1 project might be able to find its way of prospering in foreseeable future. :)

    First of all, I wanted to make a note of what served one of defining reasons of why I have gone for archiving the entire contents of Guild Wars Guru, the major part of which is still browsable as an element of this forum. It was its Game suggestions and Design section, which was truly valuable 10 years back and remains so up to this day, as considerable agglomeration of ideas expressed by the players in multiple years which reflected significant shortcomings and disadvantages they experienced and contained rational and easy-to-implement solutions of how to deal with these matters.

    There have been a lot of steps and multiple inquiries which I have personally done, some of them resulted in positive changes to the game, such as 7 henchmen for Heroes' Ascent and the addition of those into Codex Arena updates. Along with many other proposals which were raised simultaneously. And I have to say that more often than not, I have received direct answers from Mr. O'Brien in regards to brought up concerns.

    What I have got from these is that he still cares about the future and potential auspicious happenings within the original game's world, and at the same, I have acquired a clear impression that the company is seeking & looking forward to hiring talents who will be involved in working on the studio's future creations.

    And, accounting the recent video footages released by the studio, it seems more than obvious to me that this defined direction is the main one of where ArenaNet's development plan goes.

    Does it mean that there are absolutely zero chances that the Guild Wars 1 Live Team can be brought back? No, it doesn't appear as clear circumstance to me, neither does the fact that further game updates are too challenging to release.

    At the same time, I'd like to remind everyone that Guild Wars: Utopia has been canceled precisely 10 years ago, and even at that point in time, the studio's management has seen it as a vast investment of its disposable resources, which I'd value as ~ 6 million dollars if that campaign was scheduled to be released in 2020.

    What I did like is the fact that almost every one of us is thinking that it might be a positive undertaking for the studio to contemplate on the release of a new expansion, in parallel with this, I personally believe that it wasn't defined accurately-enough, to the point where we make it clear that the address is regarding Utopia campaign. Since otherwise, the spendings are expected to be ~ 1.3 times higher than in the already-elaborated and semi-existent plot. The profitability of the sales of which still remains in question, though...

    And, because of this, I've got a clear conviction that it might be much more likely to see perceived and complied the request to reinstate the moderate crew of the Guild Wars 1 Live Team than aiming straight away for the demand to release a new expansion, which is very challenging design-wise for a studio with at least a few more, majorly-prioritized production tasks.

  • How about fixing what already exists and then moving on to the new stuff? 2 or 3 devs are supposedly working on getting things fixed, but this is what you get when you enter RA in dead hours. It's not rocket science to get those things to work properly. Give people hope for the game, make PvP playable again, fix it and perhaps some people might come back after they hear there is no bots in pvp/pvp and no syncs HA/observe. You wouldn't believe how many newcomers or old players get into GW and leave shortly after getting to know the reality.