Deathless Iron-GWAMM

  • I returned to Guild Wars in 2019 with the goal of re-experiencing all of the nostalgia the game had to offer. From this notion, my first project, Legendary Survivor of Guild Wars (LSoGW), was born. I aimed at smashing all of the game's content and titles on a single character by any means necessary without dying. After the more or less successful completion of this task, I took a break. However, the spark has been renewed in ways that I had not expected by participating in a similar project with a new twist: Ironman. I call this challenge a Deathless Iron-GWAMM.

    Meet 'Beyond Stone':


    The objective is to create a character that experiences the game’s content as it was chronologically provided to the players from 2005 onward and never die.

    I'll be taking my time with this project. Slow and steady is the pace, but I'll also be documenting my progress and important happenings/strategy in an activity log.

    After 15 days of casual play, I have arrived in the Crystal Desert and am currently headed for ascension.

    Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome! Best of luck to everyone else with their deathless Iron or LSoGW attempts.


  • I enjoyed looking throught your previous challenge.

    Myself I started ironman but not deathless cause I wanna try some old way farming and in general use more dmg focused builds.(Getting that kephket Refuge Drop felt rly good :D ). Also I allowed myself to use storage for more space in case I will manage to get multiple armors/weapons for diffrent builds and farming.(not sure if Thats total nono for ironman).

    Good Luck and I am waiting for next posts.

  • Just a quick update. I've been concentrating on PvP recently, but today I finished the Crystal Desert. Hydras were definitely the scariest part.

    I'm hoping the Southern Shiverpeaks aren't too painful. Check out the Activity Log for more detail!


  • FPgdNVJ.png

    Prophecies is completed. Hell's Precipice was actually very easy with all of the shutdown and damage negation I had taken with me. I decided I wanted to try and gamble some of my hard earned cash on some Darkstone chests in case I found something useful. Surprisingly, I did get a nice staff that I'll be able to use on an Ineptitude hero in Nightfall. Now onto Factions!

  • Hello, congrats on big milestone. I wanted to ask you if you had any thoughts about making money as solo farming would be a bit too risky? I am considering trying deathless but making money for runes and gearing heroes is one thing that I am worried about. Doing quick factions vq seems like an option and trading materials for gold. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy your road !

  • i remember seeing the (origininal/first?) IRON-man challenge on Twitch

    and wonder: Isn't iron man solo in generell ? :/


    IGN: Mr Clean Value

    :!: Important: Please if i win an auction/or u want to sell me an item write me an PM so we can organize the Trade :!:

    ...................................................................( Thanks for understanding and appreciate the help <3 )......................................................................................................

    "Keep it clean!" 🧽💦

    WTB: x00g - Clean Value items - 360g Roundshield - 256g RAM-hammer - Waterwand with 20/20 Fire

  • i remember seeing the (origininal/first?) IRON-man challenge on Twitch

    and wonder: Isn't iron man solo in generell ? :/

    you mean playing without henchies? no its not. Some people did attempt solo campaign but thats diffrent challenge not just ironman

    Edit. Main ironman rules are: doing campaigns in order without people that arent doing ironman chanllenge and no campaign flips like grabbing all heroes for proph etc and of course you re allowed only to use resources you gathered on your own without getting stuff from xunlai or other campaigs/friends etc

  • vjuJBPz.png

    Factions is complete! Parts of it were pretty challenging given the rules I'm confined to. For much of the campaign, I was able to rely on interrupts to mitigate damage, but Shiro proved to be extraordinarily difficult with Ranger only skills. So, I was side-tracked into capping a new build for the battle. Please visit my Activity Log for additional commentary!

  • 7JMK0yw.jpg

    Hard mode unlocked.

    My plan is to farm Dragon Moss for materials and cash to craft cons and farm Pcons over the next two holidays.

    I hope to obtain the Anniversary Sword and cap "Together as One!" during the Birthday Celebration and plenty of cupcakes to last a year.

    Eventually, I'll farm enough Zaishen Bounties and Missions to upgrade my bags as well.

    Let the solo farming begin!

  • Just a quick update:

    From the Sweet Treats Week, I was able to solo farm 500 Golden Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies. Then, from the Anniversary Event, I was able to stock up 750 cupcakes, over 250 Honeycombs, and over 20 consets. I also collected 15 Proofs of Triumph to make two "Prominence" swords and one Proof of Legend.

    Shown below, I am trying to make an effort to see what builds I can come up with that use two elite skills during the zone I want to vanquish. I typically follow the current Zaishen quests or weekly PvE bonuses. It helps keep things interesting!


    Here is another more successful example in Silent Surf from a few weeks ago:


    Next, I have adopted some minor tweaks to my Ironman rules:

    1. I will allow my character to use normal tomes that are found by her, but I will continue to transfer off Elite tomes. Capping the skills is a challenge fit for an ironman.
    2. Once completing Factions, the only way to obtain certain skills is to purchase them from a skill trainer. Therefore, I have allowed myself to do so.
    3. I am not allowing myself to purchase Ecto, Shards, Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, Onyx, Amber, or Jade from the Rare Material Trader in order to craft Prestige Armor and/or weapons. Simply farming cash to purchase these is not prestigious!

    Lastly, it was brought to my attention by PyroLobster that perhaps using skills that were previously unlocked on my account for my heroes skill bars (starting in Nightfall), but not purchased or capped by my iron character herself, would violate the rules.

    1. I am in agreement that in a perfect scenario the skills would need to be purchased, unlocked, or capped prior to hero use. However I do not feel my use of unlocked skills made a meaningful impact on my success.
    2. Fortunately, I did not mistakenly use EotN skills (such as Wandering Eye) prior to Nightfall's completion. That would have been a bigger issue.
    3. It was our conclusion that the only way a person, today, could easily prevent oneself from making this mistake would be to do this challenge on a freshly purchased account with nothing unlocked.

    All I can say about this, is learn from my experience and, if it is your intent to have this boundary, not to forget about it. Personally, it was never my intent to need to unlock skills, but merely to succeed by using things in the order they were originally obtained.

    Thanks for reading!

    Activity Log

  • notsteve So the point was to keep some of my vanquishing interesting by killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I take a signet of capture to cap a skill I need along with 'TaO!" so that I have 2 elite skills during the vanquish. Before zoning, I'll theory craft a skill bar for the new elite's use. Here is a new example:


    Also, I've included some hero skill bars this time because I've been asked what I use in the past. Nothing is absolutely concrete. However, two things I've found particularly useful when trying to maintain survivor are using wards on my Me/E and single target prots on a Mo/Rt (or Rt/Mo). The hero AI works very well for these purposes and they are also easy to precast if needed. I always take at least 1 ward with me everywhere I go because they are so useful.

  • I hate to say it, but Frostmaw gave me wurms. I've included some of my best drops, inventory, still no chest access, and title progress.

    It was a good run while it lasted, but I don't think I'll be making another attempt any time soon, if ever.


    Again, best of luck to anyone else on their Deathless Iron-GWAMM attempts.


  • Damn I was excited for this project. Its Shame its over. How about finishing „iron gwam” still ?

  • I'm very impressed by this. How were you able to survive for so long? What kind of escape plan or preventative measures did you have for yourself in case of an emergency? Just the fact that you got Legendary Survivor like this is impressive. You should not retire the character and continue as Iron Gwamm, as there are still many challenges that will present themselves, maybe even try for 50/50 HoM as an Iron-player.

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