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    And I have completed the rewrite, it's fully open source so you can find it on

    The ChatFilter.ini file can be updated using Github as well - if you want to add in changes, simply create a pull request and I'll try to approve asap.

    The test-version of this new version can be found on

    Should you have questions or find a bug, feel free to let me know!

    I'm working on fixing this properly, I'll have to rewrite a bit on the core of the program I made before, but I didn't backup the code. So it's a rewrite, instead.

    It will allow me to fix an annoying bug though.

    Once it's done, the source code (and the chat filter list) will be on Github, so it will be very easy to update it.

    • More gold sinks. The game has an abundance of gold, mainly due to botters. Botters need to be taken care off and we need some gold sinks to get more money moving.
      • Think of things like unreleased minipets, new (perhaps backported from GW2) skins, tonics.

    this is awesome and all, just got it to work as well. but the issue is it does not include the attributes as part of the display thats given with the build code. the skils appear as if 0 is in the attribute. if this can be fixed then i believe this can really become useful here for legacy. also cannot seem to place the build where i want it, as the template that visually shows ignores placement commands, unless theres something special you need to do

    The build system is something that will be improved once the new version of WBB comes out, but unfortunately there's no ETA yet. It's on my to-do-list, though.

    Hello everybody,

    It's been long overdue, but the winner of the Wintersday Contest is AC Whammy.

    Since we had a lower amount of entries this year, only 1 prize was distributed.

    To compensate for that, we have increased the amount of prices in the Giveaway - those prices are slowly being distributed (because of time zone differences).

    The reason for this late announcement is mainly due to my employer being taken over and it caused a lot of extra work for me.

    Next to that, the sponsor deal with caused a ton of extra work on my behalf.


    Hello everybody,

    We are exited to be finally able to announce our new project that we have been working on for many months, which is a service that will benefit the most vulnerable of players - those looking for their number 2.

    Tired of having to take henchmen again and do you want to find a number 2? Well, you are in luck, as we at Guild Wars Legacy believe in making love, not making war!

    Starting next week, we will be launching Guild Love, a dating website aimed for Guild Wars players, where you will be able to find your partner based on what is truly important in life - the profession.

    Our dating service will start from your professions to form an image of who you are and will ask further into asking what your favourite skills are - so, for our faithful Wammo's, Mending is an option ;)!

    We will then search in our database for optimal picks for you and will allow you to send messages to each other - after all, when you meet a like-minded individual who agrees with your that [Mending] is the best skill in the entire game, what more do you need?

    The service is nearing general availability, but we are going to perform a soft-launch - let us know that you are interested in joining up below and we'll be glad to invite you to Guild Love!

    Questions? Feel free to ask!

    - Kevin

    Guild Love is being brought to you by our new company, Palawa Joko Enterprises.

    I think a subforum in the Builds and Content section would be sufficient. Right now, 6/18 posts in the Farming section are regarding chest running. Having this isolated my encourage others to post either questions or recommendations for chest running.

    Most of the posts currently are mine with individual location guides. These are drawing interest which is great. Outside of responses to these on the individual posts, I have been contacted in game by both players I knew and players I didn't know. I would like to potentially add more of these if they continue to be helpful to others and not a concern by yourself and other mods that they are added to the forum.

    A subforum for chest running is now available under Builds and Content :)

    I have a dream ... Seeing the old buy & sell gwshop' s system on this forum.
    Maybe too much work in order to implement it, but it's my dream ;)

    To be honest, it's something that I have been thinking about as well. Perhaps one day, as it's a ton of work, but in the meantime I want to optimize the existing setup here as much as possible.

    I'd like to be able choose page of a thread i go to from sections main forum page, while now i must open thread and after that choose right page, somuch extra loading ;P

    Good point, it is something that could come in handy and it's certaintly something that I'm looking into for future updates :)

    This is a whopper :P

    • Chat/Discord: this has been taken over by Mr Crow and will be changed soon. We're also looking into more integration with Guild Wars Legacy itself.
    • Builds: Ideally this is something that I want to see completely changed and I'm looking into finding a way to better implement builds in Guild Wars Legacy. Same applies to builds and guides. I'd like to edit some templates specifically for that.
    • The ecto to armbraces is manually updated, I'd also would like to add in ecto to plat, but we need a better way to update it.
    • Mods: also on the to revamp list, but this is quite low on the priority list right now - but it's not away from it.
    • Articles will be taking over the Legacy News section soon.
    • You have a point about the social media, I've renamed it.
    • Future contests are going to be handled differently. It's a learning curve to be honest.

    we were promised a black theme on gwl,but havent seen any progress on that either. So a black themed style would be really nice in the future.

    Doing a black theme properly isn't that easy - I want to have it in place properly. Right now, lots of things here depend on light elements. When turning it dark, it doesn't always work and it requires a lot of small tweaks to pull it off correctly.

    That being said, it's still being worked on.

    Things that are not the way they should be or that just looked off: the quotes looked horrible, there are a lot of white styled elements and white borders that just look awful and I need to use different tactics to make things look nicer. I also really want it to look different and I'm spending a lot of time on it being different. It should't just be black, it should be proper black.

    I'm currently testing the black theme out (it's also available for everyone now under the name The Dervish) as a daily driver and I'm constantly changing things to it.

    Feel free to test it out and give me feedback - but it's something that easily breaks. For example, when I was typing this, the text I was seeing was white and unreadable since I am on the admin-background. Normal users wouldn't have this issue (their backdrop is just black). But it's things like that that's holding it back.

    The editor also looks awful and needs some TLC still.

    I assume this is a slight typo ;)

    As a full time chest runner and advocate for others to try and possibly enjoy doing it as well, I think it would be nice to separate the Farming Section from a Chest Running section. These are really 2 different activities and potentially 2 different audiences. Some overlap but it would be nice to go to one of the 2 locations depending on which you are interested in reading about at that time. Over the last couple months, I have seen and been part of discussions regarding chest running and this would give an isolated location for these discussions. Just a thought.

    Would you prefer the Chest Running to get it's own subforum below farming or just a totally seperate category for it?

    maybe something like this: would be a nice addition, but i dont know if other players like this...

    in my opinion it would be nice to have, but it s not really needed , just an suggestion^^

    Shoutboxes are handy and I had it installed on another forum - it can be a great asset, but also a great curse. It's something I'm keeping in mind and it might appear in the future.

    Staying consistent in the way this forum have been run... it's moderation, the staff and the layouts of the forums have been pretty top notch. More of that in whatever direction this forum chooses to go will be good enough for me.

    As for the suggestion for a shout box? I'm on the fence about it. On one hand it really does enhance the community by bringing them closer together, but it also allows for escalation of issues to grow wildly out of control without strict and heavy moderation at all times.

    There are some people who join forums just to troll these spaces and it sours the over all experience for the rest.

    See the above :) if we're going to have a shout box, it will have to be moderated well, like we've always tried to run the site :).

    Kudos to all our moderators! :)

    Glad you like our work so far! We're trying to improve it as much as we can for the future :)

    Transparency, tax cuts, and border security.

    oh, wait... wrong forum!

    I'll pass this on to our Master Tax-receiver MaxBorken .