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    Hey there,

    I have been checking several things - when you get put on a blacklist, which tells you that the site has been hacked in the browser, the webmaster will get notified - since we use Google's Search Console, I should have received such an email.

    I did however not receive any mails and upon double checking in the Google Search Console I couldn't find any messages.

    I went on to check on the server, but couldn't find anything odd going on - I have, however, gone ahead and ran an extra malware check on the source code of Guild Wars Legacy.

    This took over an hour, so sorry for the late reply :D - it came back with no hits.

    I haven't got any signs that show that Legacy would have been hacked - and even if it had been hacked, the passwords on the website have been encrypted quite well (strong one-way hash with unique salt per user).

    Should you have any further questions, feel free to let me know and I'll look into it.

    - Kev

    Botting does harm the game, in the long term. Because you devaluate everything, things will become worthless.

    We're at that point now, where things are spiralling out of control, due to botting.

    Yes, there might be a new speedclear community now thanks to that, but that doesn't change the fact that it is out of control.

    In real life, we'd call this hyperinflation and that's a very harmful thing. Same for the game.

    If anything, the bots need to be handled, the economy cleared up and we need some new money sinks.

    Hello everybody!

    It comes to no surprise that uptime is important for me, and we just had a downtime of 3 hours and 40 minutes. Let me go ahead and explain what happened here.

    About 3 hours and 40 minutes ago, our webhost's OpenStack platform was having an issue, which was recovered quite quickly.

    However, we did experience a lot longer downtime - this was due to networking issues.

    I started a emergency backup repair, but once this was done, Guild Wars Legacy was back online!

    What should you do during downtime?

    We have an excellent status page visible on - this is externally hosted, so you can access it when we are down.

    Who do I have to notify when Guild Wars Legacy goes down?

    Nobody. We have several monitoring tools running checks on Legacy, most likely we're already well aware when you notice we are down.

    Check the status page to be certain.

    Should you have further questions, let me know.

    - Kevin

    Hello everybody,

    Yesterday, we went live with a renewed theme called "The Legend of the Assassin", which is reminiscent of our older look before we switched to this software.

    This is the biggest change so far in terms of the visual style of Guild Wars Legacy, including making Legacy use more width on your screen.

    Due to these changes, I'd like to ask you all some feedback about the new theme and if there are any possibilities to improve it even further.

    Kind regards,

    - Kevin

    Some tips I have to make more money:

    • Identify everything you get from a level 20 mob. Even if it's white, just identify it.
      It can double in value just from doing that. Often, it will only be 1 gold more but sometimes it goes up dramatically.
      Down the line it is worth your while to identify everything - it will skyrocket your earnings.
    • Check every drop with runes with the trader. Some might look useless, but some insignia's are worth quite a bit and some runes can net you over 20k profits!
      I always check every drop, it makes for an easy extra bit of money.

    Back in my day, there was no lipsync. That only got added in with Nightfall.

    Made some of those Factions missions really cringy without.

    Hi guys!

    I was in the hospital during the event with coronavirus, so i missed the whole event. Im so disappointed about it. I wanna get at least the Proof of Triumph item to capture the new elites. I know that is possible with someone who have it, but i dont have active guild, and it takes so much time to find someone. I would ask the GW team to repeat the event in this special situation in june. It would be so cool! I think there are many other people who missed it for the same reason.

    Sorry for my terrible english...

    I just took a 1 month break after 1 year online everyday and this uptade happened xD im sooooo sad.. those weps are great for pvp :(

    If you've got Proof of Legends in your bank from last years, you can still get the item for both the new skills + the new weapons.

    Back in my day, I got pawned in Minister's Cho Estate in Hard Mode (upon release of it).

    I thought, it's the first mission of the game... how hard can it be in Hard Mode?

    I was wrong. So very wrong indeed.

    Love this thread my friend just sent it to me :D

    Back in my day...people thought that the Ravagers in Bloodstone Fen dropped ectos because of one photo shopped screenshot. It was on the wiki for the longest time too.

    I actually remember that one. It took ages for that one to be debunked :D

    Back in the day, it was possible to get stuck in normal mode easily.
    Normal mode got nerfed so hard when hard mode came out.

    I still remember being stuck in the Realm of Torment in between missions as the area and patrols were so hard - even with my guild we failed :D

    Those were the days!