• Added the following greens that were previously listed as "do not have a prenerf" to the confirmed/potential lists.

    • Rajazan's Fervor - confirmed (sword, factions)
    • Urgoz's Shortbow - potential (bow, factions)

    Urgoz's Shortbow was a simple oversight by me. For whatever reason I was thinking half moon skins didn't dye and that Urgoz's was an undyed version on top of that. But it's very obviously dyed (silver-ish). A prenerf should exist. Whoops.

    Rajazan's is different.

    Back in November when I found a prenerf Ironclaw, it was on the "no prenerf" list too. What that one showed is that even though a skin might be undyeable by us, they are not necessarily undyed to begin with. With the Ironclaw update, I said that I would go through all the other "no prenerf" items and compare them against their base skins. I finally got around to doing that, and tested them both in-hand and on the ground.

    When an item is dyed, only the dyeable portions of the skin will show while the item is held. When the item is dropped on the ground, the entire weapon will show as the dyed color. This can make subtle color changes easier to spot, or in the case of Rajazan's Fervor, show some changes that weren't visible in-hand.

    Here's an example using The Ugly Stick.

    While held, only the wraps on the handle will dye. While on the ground, the entire club is dyed.


    Here they are side by side on the ground. The difference is more noticeable than in the comparison screenshot in the confirmed list.


    For Rajazan's Fervor, and the Broadsword skin, it turns out the entire weapon is dyed, but while held, only the tassels on the handle show any change, and because they move so much it can be hard to spot. Luckily, dropping them freezes the tassels, and the differences become more obvious. The handle on the base skin has like a like blue tint, as does the blade. In comparison, Rajazan's looks silver. With the tassels and hilt being slightly darker on the postnerf.


    The icons for the two Rajazan's versions are also different, with the same spot around the handle being darker on the postnerf. Tbh, I didn't even notice this until I was putting the comparison screenshot together for the confirmed list.


    As for the rest of the "no prenerf" list, the only other thing I found is Stoneherder's Flatbow. It is dyed, but what I hadn't realized was that it was bugged at first and didn't start dropping until mid 2007, so it missed the prenerf changes. No other items on the list showed any differences between the green and base skin.

    For the pvp-only skins, I still need to check the following:

    1. Elliptical Staff, for Tin Dao's Staff
    2. Shield of the Dead, for Tanzit's Defender
    3. Dark Spore Staff, for Morgriff's Staff
    4. Forgotten Fan, for Tattered Fan
    5. Ungues of the Oni, for Ungues of the Oni...
    6. Greater Sturdy Bow, for Drago's Flatbow

    I don't expect these to have anything...but just for the sake of being thorough.

    For others with completely Unique skins (The Ice Breaker, Totem Axe, Urgoz's Longbow, Kanaxai's Axe, etc), there's no base skin or pvp version to test them against, but I don't expect them to show any changes.

    That's all for now. Hope to get more things added in the future. Still a lot left to find.

    Edit: If I've ever checked or bought prenerfs from you and skipped over an Urgoz Shortbow or Rajazan...we should probably take another look.

    Thanks <3

  • Moved the following greens previously listed as "potential" to the "confirmed" list.

    • Seacrash's Influence (such a nice color omg. matches the previously-assumed prenerf image)
    • Milefaun's Staff (confirms the old, assumed prenerf image)
    • Falaharn's Split Chakrams (brand new find, first I've seen of it)

    Added better/updated images for:

    • Ryver's Shortbow (pretty sure I had mixed up the weapons in the previous comparison. Icons were correct but bows were flipped. whoops)
    • Vengeance Seeker
    • Added labels for the 3 ghial's staff versions that were previously missing in the comparison

    With this updated we're officially at two-thirds of all estimated prenerfs found! 128 out of an estimated 192.

    Getting there <3

    Thanks as always

    Edit: also added labels to the 3 spiritgarden's repose versions (previously missing in the comparison image)

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