Perf Shields, deep drops & other stuff

  • R/B 5e/ea unless listed otherwise

    New OS:

    q9 15^50 Ironwing Flatbow c/o 150e (aliana) r/b 150e sold

    q9 +5e Stormbow r/b 150e

    q9 15^50 Hornbow (mursaat skin) c/o 20e (coffee man) r/b 125e

    Eternal Shield q9 30hp -3wH r/b later

    Celestial Shield q9str 5/20 30hp c/o 20a (aliana) r/b met b/o 35a (will sell soon if no more interest)

    Echovald Shield q9str -2wE 30hp r/b later

    Echovald Shield q9str 45wS -2wS sold

    Celestial Staff q9blood 20/20 r/b later

    New Insc:

    q9 Hammer of the Nephilim r/b 20e

    q8str Tower Shield (gold) r/b later

    q8tac Woven Shield (blue) r/b later

    q6tac/14ar Sun and Moonk Shield (blue) r/b later


    q9 +5e Summit Axe r/b 75e

    q9 +5e Shadow Blade r/b 40e

    q9 15-10 Zodiac Axe

    q9 15wS Zodiac Axe

    q9 15-10 Dragoncrest Axe

    q9 15^50 Zodiac Daggers r/b later

    q9 naked Ironwing Flatbow sold

    q10 +5e Katana

    q9df 20/10 Zodiac Staff sold

    q10com 20/10 Zodiac Staff sold

    q9df 20/10 Jade Staff

    q9curse 20/20dom Zodiac Staff

    q9com 10%hct +5^50 Wayward Wand r/b later

    q9chan 10%hct +5wE Zodiac Scepter r/b later

    q9fire 10%hsr 10%hct Platinum Scepter c/o 50e (chevy) r/b later

    q11spawn 9%hct 9%hsr Wayward Wand

    q9es +5ar(vs elemental) 19%hct earth Straw Effigy r/b later


    q9/10es Wayward Wand r/b 10e (for q9)

    q9mot Exalted Aegis

    q9 Legendary Sword c/o 1e (silverwarp)

    q9 Handaxe (canthan)

    q9 Stygian Reaver

    q9insp Pronged Fan c/o 1e (silverwarp)

    q9dom Inscribed Chakram (dyeable metal skin) r/b 20e

    q9tac Gloom Shield

    q9tac Stone Summit Shield (x2)

    q9sr Dead Scepter

    q9sr Bleached Skull

    q9 Savage Daggers

    q10 Serpant Reaver

    q11str Zodiac Shield sold

    q8str Sun and Moon Shield (blue) r/b later

    q6mot/14ar Scarabshell Aegis (gold) c/o 25e (pyro) r/b met sold

    All items are max dmg/def & gold unless listed otherwis. Reserver all rights. Leave your IGN with offer.


    ign: Katze Kami

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