Added all R/B's! Loads of Pre-Nerf items and more! [NEW 23-12-2023: r8 Dragon Kamas 15wSt, r9 Bladed Shield + 10 vs Demons +1/20 Domination and more]

  • Hey folks,

    Happy biddings! Once R/B is met, I will sell after 48h if no new bids. B/O will be added when R/B is met.

    Big Ticket Items:


    Big Ticket Items
    AddedPictures#NamereqInherent/Mod 1Mod 2C/OR/BB/OStatus
    25-9-2023cRg3tUW.pngBT.4Chaos Axe815wEN/A75a by Sicilianking75a100aSold for R/B to Sicilianking.
    02-10-2023maJ2wtF.pngBT.5Gemstone Axe815wEN/A 100a
    [NEW] 23-12-20236aBk5Um.pngBT.7Dragon Kamas815wStN/A60a by San200a
    [NEW] 23-12-2023CnElX2V.pngBT.8Bladed Shield9 Tac+10 vs Demons+1/20 Domination100a by SafeOfBlossoms150a



    AddedPictures#NamereqMod 1Mod 2C/OR/BB/OStatus
    5-7-2023lyLwSHh.jpgSH.2Skeleton Shield8 Tac-5/19+30 50a
    5-7-2023BCQAq0l.jpgSH.5Gothic Defender (Purple)8 Str+30wSt+1/16 Curses 2a
    31-7-2023aOnIasL.pngSH.9Summit Warlord Shield8 Tac-2wEN/A1a by Aliss3a
    31-7-2023lyzmbXl.pngSH.10Skeleton Shield10 Tac+19wSt-2wE2a by Brock5a
    25-9-2023OhhBSAr.pngSH.13Celestial Shield8 Tac+27-2wE 25a
    23-10-2023v9pbuYb.pngSH.14Aegis8 Tac+21wSt-2wE50a in game50a75aSold for R/B in game.
    [NEW] 23-12-2023yh65WoH.pngSH.15Tower Shield8 Str+42wE+7 vs Skeletons25a by Ecto Sacrifice50a
    [NEW] 23-12-2023ThRHB2r.pngSH.16Summit Warlord Shield9 Tac+10 vs Undead-3wH10a by Hate Core10a20aSold for R/B to Hate Core.
    [NEW] 23-12-2023PLB7QE2.pngSH.17Shadow Shield (White)7 StrN/AN/A12a by Cute30a



    19-7-20235fQv3Fy.pngA.1Archaic Axe815^5025a by Aliss75a
    21-7-20235hZQB9L.pngA.4Hand Axe (Tyrian)813vH10a in game10a15aSold for R/B in game.
    21-7-2023Uya1fFL.pngA.6War Axe813vH 10a
    31-7-2023wgeQQ4r.pngA.8Sickle (Crescent)815^5010a by Aliss50a
    31-7-2023qysSoTf.pngA.10Great Axe814^50 20a
    3-8-2023eV8s3S5.pngA.11Summit Axe (Non Max)813^50 Christmas present for a friend
    8-9-2023tHxftZ0.pngA.12Cleaver (Tyrian)815wSt15a by Test35a
    8-9-2023F9pwsQk.pngA.13Sickle (Crescent)815wE5a by Aliss30a
    8-9-2023Z26vMIU.pngA.14Battlepick812vH 10a



    5-7-2023TzXXSA8.jpgSW.9Wicked Blade (Purple)813^50 15a
    31-7-20239MHuIKz.pngSW.19Flamberge813wE3a by Aliss15a
    31-7-2023ZIWLh0y.pngSW.20Wicked Blade819v50 10a
    3-8-2023pld5e5H.pngSW.21Fellblade814vH10a in game10a15aSold for R/B in game.
    8-9-202362bzMtb.pngSW.27Fiery Dragon Sword813wSt7a by Test25a
    8-9-2023jPMgEcl.pngSW.28Long Sword815vH5a by Brock15a
    8-9-20239JBybYu.pngSW.29Long Sword813vH2a by Brock10a
    8-9-2023cCSxLZg.pngSW.30Gothic Sword814wE5a by Test10a
    [NEW] 23-12-2023CE2EsiC.pngSW.31Fiery Dragon Sword (Purple)813^501a by Test5a



    3-8-20237zL4W6p.pngH.6War Hammer (Spikey) (Non Max)814^50 1a
    7-8-2023IUEfUCf.pngH.8Ram's Hammer912^5015a in game15a20aSold for R/B in game.
    8-9-20230dUjZi6.pngH.10War Hammer (Lion)813-103a by Cute10a
    25-9-2023m4F5Mt1.pngH.12Giant Slayers Hammer814^5050a in game50a75aSold for R/B in game.
    23-10-2023R3hySmb.pngH.13Giant Slayers Hammer813wE15a in game15a20aSold for R/B in game.
    [NEW] 23-12-2023Na9xLtx.pngH.14War Hammer (Spikey)814^50 75a
    [NEW] 23-12-2023x0SGdo3.pngH.15Marble Hammer815wSt 35a



    [NEW] 23-10-2023YvDOr1m.pngD.1Oni Daggers815wSt30a by San75a
    [NEW] 23-10-2023YcRlFcz.pngD.2Oni Daggers (Purple)813^5010a by Ecto Sacrifice15a
    AddedPictures#NamereqMod 1Mod 2C/OR/BB/OStatus
    8-9-2023KXUDWwC.pngST.13Accursed Staf9 CursesHCT Death 20%HSR Death 19% Christmas present for a friend
    AddedPictures#NamereqMod 1Mod 2C/OR/BB/OStatus
    24-7-2023v3UQdcK.pngW.2Truncheon8 BloodEnergy +5wEHSR Blood 15%5a by Ecto Sacrifice35a
    AddedPictures#NamereqMod 1Mod 2C/OR/BB/OStatus
    3-8-2023eEVpHaU.pngO.2Gilded Artifact8 Fast CastingArmor +5 -20hpHSR Domi 19% 10a
    Pre-Nerf Mods
    7-8-2023M9PMb9S.png10/10 AxeSundering Axe Haft 35a40aIn stock
    25-8-2023H6L9G5O.png10/9 AxeSundering Axe Haft 15a20aIn stock
    8-9-2023RKa8Zgm.png10/8 AxeSundering Axe Haft5a by Test15a20aIn stock
    11-9-2023hGsRSmW.png10/7 AxeSundering Axe Haft 15a20aIn stock
    --10/6 Axe----Not in stock
    --10/5 Axe----Not in stock

    Note: 10/10 is not Pre-Nerf

    8-9-2023hEq2f7w.png10/10 SwordSundering Sword Hilt 2a3aIn stock
    --10/9 Sword----Not in stock
    11-9-2023NTpzXJy.png10/8 SwordSundering Sword Hilt5a by ivann15a20aIn stock
    --10/7 Sword----Not in stock
    8-9-20235xfU3uU.png10/6 SwordSundering Sword Hilt5a by Test15a20aIn stock
    11-9-20232qZr1Vx.png10/5 SwordSundering Sword Hilt5a by ivann20a25aIn stock
    7-8-2023C4yfUVW.png10/10 BowSundering Bowstring 35a40aOut of stock
    8-9-2023HN3GlY0.png10/9 BowSundering Bowstring5a by Cute15a20aIn stock
    7-8-2023KYCQR2e.png10/8 BowSundering Bowstring5a by Cute15a20aIn stock
    1-9-20239Ob7c9J.png10/7 BowSundering Bowstring5a by Cute15a20aIn stock
    25-9-2023LX7KfuI.png10/6 BowSundering Bowstring5a by Cute15a20aIn stock
    25-8-2023iGZlkU1.png10/5 BowSundering Bowstring 20a25aOut of stock
    --10/10 Hammer----Not in stock
    25-8-2023tpQ3zNi.png10/9 HammerSundering Hammer Haft 15a20aIn stock
    8-9-2023iVJopjO.png10/8 HammerSundering Hammer Haft5a by Test15a20aIn stock
    8-9-2023EWzvkkb.png10/7 HammerSundering Hammer Haft 15a20aIn stock
    25-9-2023ky4ZpNg.png10/6 HammerSundering Hammer Haft 15a20aBack in stock
    25-9-2023XUblZD1.png10/5 HammerSundering Hammer Haft 20a25a takenSold to Pleikki
    7-8-2023FMQyq39.png3/-1 HammerVampiric Hammer Haft 15a20aIn stock
    27-7-20238vKBusz.png2/-1 HammerVampiric Hammer Haft10a by jack l eventreur15a20aIn stock
    --1/-1 Hammer----Not in stock
    Misc & Mini's
    25-8-2023VFJRMxN.pngM.18250 Jade Wind Orbs 5a by Aliss40a
    Perfect Attribute Shields +1/20 +30

    Listing here some of my perfect attribute shields. Not all are for sale, some are mutually exclusive and others will only go for very good offers.

    #ShieldreqMod 1Mod 2 C/OR/BB/OStatus
    E.1Aegisr9 tac+30hp+1/20 Fire Sold in game
    E.2Ornate Shieldr11 tac+30hp+1/20 Fire
    E.3Skeleton Shieldr12 tac+30hp+1/20 Fire
    E.4Aegisr10 tac+1/20 Earth+30hp Sold in game
    E.5Reinforced Bucklerr10 tac+1/20 Earth+30hp
    E.6Reinforced Bucklerr13 tac+1/20 Air+30hpor E.7
    E.7Skeleton Shieldr13 tac+1/20 Air+30hpor E.6
    E.8Skeleton Shieldr9 tac+1/20 Water+30hpor E.9
    E.9Bronze Shieldr9 tac+30+1/20 Wateror E.8
    E.10Bladed Shieldr10 str+1/20 Water+30hp
    E.11Diamond Aegisr12 tac+30hp+1/20 Water
    E.12Bladed Shieldr13 str+1/20 Water+30hp 5a
    E.13Spiked Targer13 str+30hp+1/20 Water 5a
    #ShieldreqMod 1Mod 2 C/OR/BB/OStatus
    Me.1Echovald Shieldr10 tac+30hp+1/20 Dom
    Me.2Bladed Shieldr12 str+1/20 Dom+30hp
    Me.3Reinforced Bucklerr10 tac+30hp+1/20 Illu
    Me.5Spiked Targer10 tac+30hp+1/20 Inspior Me.6
    Me.6Round Shieldr10 tac+1/20 Inspi+30hpor Me.5
    Me.7Skull Shieldr12 tac+1/20 Inspi+30hp
    Me.8Ornate Shieldr12 str+1/20 Inspi+30hp
    Me.9Bronze Shieldr12 str+1/20 Inspi+30hp
    #ShieldreqMod 1Mod 2 C/OR/BB/OStatus
    Mo.1Wooden Bucklerr10 tac+1/20 Heal+30hp
    Mo.2Ornate Shieldr10 tac+30hp+1/20 Heal
    Mo.3Skeleton Shieldr10 tac+1/20 Heal+30hp
    Mo.4Bronze Shieldr9 str+30hp+1/20 Prot
    Mo.5Wooden Bucklerr9 tac+1/20 Prot+30hp
    Mo.6Bladed Shieldr13 tac+30hp+1/20 Protor Mo.7 8a
    Mo.7Reinforced Bucklerr13 tac+30hp+1/20 Protor Mo.6
    Mo.8Echovald Shieldr13 tac+1/20 Divine+30hpor Mo.98a by Gentleman Xander8a10aSold to Gentleman Xander for R/B
    Mo.9Reinforced Bucklerr13 tac+1/20 Divine+30hpor Mo.8
    Mo.10Skeleton Shieldr12 tac+30hp+1/20 Smite
    Mo.11Echovald Shieldr13 tac+30hp+1/20 Smiteor Mo.12
    Mo.12Round Shieldr13 tac+1/20 Smite+30hpor Mo.13
    #ShieldreqMod 1Mod 2 C/OR/BB/OStatus
    N.1Ornate Shieldr9 tac+30hp+1/20 Death
    N.2Aegisr9 tac+30hp+1/20 Death Sold in game
    N.3Amber Aegisr11 tac+1/20 Death+30hp 15a by rupt10a15a metSold to rupt for B/O
    N.4Bladed Shieldr9 tac+1/20 Curses+30hp
    N.5Ornate Shieldr9 tac+1/20 Curses+30hp 10a by drink_soy_sauce10a met15aSold to drink_soy_sauce for R/B
    N.6Wooden Bucklerr9 tac+30hp+1/20 Curses
    N.7Ornate Bucklerr9 tac+30hp+1/20 Curses
    N.8Bronze Shieldr10 tac+1/20 Curses+30hp
    N.9Skeleton Shieldr11 tac+30hp+1/20 Curses
    N.10Ornate Shieldr13 tac+1/20 Curses+30hp
    N.11Ornate Shieldr9 str+30hp+1/20 Blood
    N.12Spiked Targer9 tac+1/20 Blood+30hp
    N.13Skeleton Shieldr9 tac+1/20 Blood+30hp
    N.14Gothic Defenderr10 tac+30hp+1/20 Blood
    N.15Ornate Shieldr10 tac+1/20 Blood+30hp
    N.16Skull Shieldr12 tac+30hp+1/20 Bloodor N.17
    N.17Aegisr12 tac+30hp+1/20 Bloodor N.16 Sold in game
    #ShieldreqMod 1Mod 2 C/OR/BB/OStatus
    Wa.1Eternal Shieldr9 str+1/20 Strength+30hp No longer for sale
    Wa.2Shadow Shieldr9 str+1/20 Strength+30hp No longer for sale
    Wa.3Bladed Shieldr9 str+30hp+1/20 Strength No longer for sale
    Wa.4Skeleton Shieldr9 tac+30hp+1/20 Tacticsor W.5
    Wa.5Wooden Bucklerr9 tac+30hp+1/20 Tacticsor W.4
    Wa.6Skeleton Shieldr10 tac+30hp+1/20 Tactics
    Wa.7Reinforced Bucklerr10 tac+30hp+1/20 Tactics
    Wa.8Spiked Targer13 tac+1/20 Tactics+30hpor W.9
    Wa.9Wooden Bucklerr13 tac+1/20 Tactics+30hpor W.8
    Sold/Removed items
    31-7-20236lvIJnk.pngBT.1Stone Summit Shield (Purple)13 Tac-1wE-1wSt Sold in game
    31-7-2023kcphsFR.pngBT.2Zodiac Shield8 Tac-2wSt+28 Traded in game
    5-7-2023NRZq2tv.pngSH.1Echovald Shield8 Str+29-2wE Sold in game
    5-7-2023YqJzy51.jpgSH.3Enameled Shield8 TacInscr.Inscr. No longer for sale
    5-7-2023KojyuWL.jpgSH.4Gothic Defender (Purple)8 Str-4/15+30wSt Sold in game
    24-7-2023VyEbO88.pngSH.6Shield of the Wing8 Tac+48wH+1/16 Smite Sold in game
    24-7-2023BaTMXra.pngSH.7Magmas Shield (White)7 StrN/AN/A Sold in game
    19-7-2023JEMWrNL.pngA.2Battlepick815^5050a by nategoesevil50a met75aSold to nategoesevil
    19-7-2023gLfimnF.pngA.3War Axe815^50 Sold in game
    21-7-20232hdt9sV.pngA.5Cleaver (Tyrian)817wH Sold in game
    19-7-2023T6Lqx1N.pngSW.1Shadow Blade815^50115a by Toshi_01115a met150aSold to Toshi_01
    19-7-2023yn3LrLr.pngSW.3Gladius815^50 Sold in game
    19-7-2023q8r1BPc.pngSW.4Wicked Blade815^50 Sold in game
    5-7-2023uP1BHWz.jpgSW.5Zodiac Sword8Clean Sold in game
    21-7-2023POEVzxb.pngSW.6Wingblade Sword816v50 Sold in game
    5-7-2023I8iRGOv.jpgSW.7Shinobi Blade (Purple)813^50 Sold in game
    5-7-2023nvUzJds.jpgSW.8Gothic Sword (Purple)814^50 Sold in game
    5-7-2023U2pe2U0.jpgSW.10Crenellated Sword813wSt Sold in game
    31-7-20232rjf98Q.pngSW.18Spatha815wSt Sold in game
    19-7-2023sO6H1sJ.pngB.1Shadow Bow815^50 Sold in game
    19-7-2023hal4uje.pngB.2Half Moon815^50 Sold in game
    31-7-20238oRaAt8.pngB.3Half Moon815^50 Sold in game
    31-7-2023JvLaVk5.pngB.4Feathered Longbow814^50 Sold in game
    31-7-20234D62jOl.pngB.5Feathered Longbow813wSt Sold in game
    31-7-2023r3hpqKa.pngB.6Feathered Longbow814wSt Sold in game
    31-7-2023IKPPHeZ.pngB.7Shortbow819v50 Sold in game
    3-8-2023TPkkeg9.pngB.8Flatbow (Wooden)813-10 Traded in game
    4-8-2023u2jWb6v.pngB.9Shadow Bow (200gv)815wE Sold in game
    21-7-2023ayNUN8K.pngH.1Twin Hammer819v50 Sold in game
    27-7-2023buJK5uc.pngH.2Shining Maul (Purple)812wSt Sold in game
    31-7-2023Kd5fbck.pngH.3Magmas Arm813wE Sold in game
    3-8-2023Jz4Zp9D.pngH.4Foehammer813wE Sold in game
    3-8-2023o3ex8Si.pngH.5Summit Hammer816wH Sold in game
    5-7-2023wQtggHI.jpgST.1Fire Staff (Core)8 FireHCT 9%HSR 10% Sold in game
    5-7-2023nAzhvqL.jpgST.2Ghostly Staff9 SmiteHSR 9%HCT Smite 15% Traded in game
    5-7-202377Y9t1m.jpgST.3Holy Staff8 DivineHCT 7%N/A Sold in game
    21-7-2023HZqSz0q.pngST.4Accursed Staff (Purple)8 CursesHSR 6%HCT Blood 11% Sold in game
    31-7-2023HoA1FPv.pngST.5Zodiac Staff8 WaterHSR 10%N/A Sold in game
    31-7-2023jVxTi7J.pngST.6Shadow Staff8 DomiHSR 9%N/A Sold in game
    3-8-2023RXAfN4Q.pngST.7Bone Staff (Purple)8 DeathHSR 6%N/A Sold in game
    21-7-2023RP4YlOH.pngW.1Smiting Rod8 SmiteEnergy +4v50HCT 9% Sold in game
    24-7-2023oZCVAh2.pngO.1Paper Fan (White)7 SoulN/AN/A Sold in game
    27-7-2023kG4S6qv.pngM.1211 Jade Wind OrbsN/A Sold in game
    31-7-2023TRWeqkk.pngM.3Sundering Hammer Haft10/9 Sold in game
    3-8-2023UdyUZSh.pngM.4Vampiric Axe Haft2/-1 Sold in game
    3-8-2023liOUg2M.pngM.5Sundering Hammer Haft10/8 Sold in game
    3-8-2023VFJRMxN.pngM.6250 Jade Wind OrbsN/A40a by Teh40a met45aSold to Teh for R/B
    3-8-2023GKC6VXN.pngM.7Mini KuunavangUnded Sold in game
    1-9-2023XQ7pWfn.pngBT.3Tower Shield (Purple)5 Str (11 Ar)-2/3%-1wSt Traded in game
    24-7-20235JiwImz.pngSH.8Exalted Aegis9 Tac-3wH+30 Traded in game
    1-9-2023twNC3nw.pngSH.11Eternal Shield8 Str+59wH-2wSt Sold in game
    24-7-2023dfwUciv.pngA.7Spiked Axe (Purple)811wE Sold in game
    31-7-2023X9vEEPU.pngA.9Chaos Axe8Clean Traded in game
    11-9-2023VQjc20r.pngA.15Hand Axe913^50 Sold in game
    27-7-2023aj0WwLI.pngSW.16Dusk Blade8Clean Traded in game
    27-7-2023FWVpQMY.pngSW.17Shinobi Blade8Clean Traded in game
    3-8-2023g18nA0r.pngSW.22Fiery Dragon Sword (Purple)811v50 Sold in game
    3-8-2023fkOMGs3.pngSW.23Butterfly Sword (Purple)811v50 Sold in game
    3-8-2023sjdvk0Z.pngSW.24Dadao Sword (Purple)8Clean Traded in game
    1-9-2023H0JzXms.pngSW.25Long Sword813wSt Sold in game
    8-9-2023N5MqYZd.pngSW.31Celestial Sword8Clean Traded in game
    8-9-2023AmudbO3.pngSW.32Fiery Dragon Sword (Purple)812v50 Sold in game
    1-9-20238Nlo8F3.pngB.10Plagueborn Hornbow815vH Sold in game
    1-9-2023kJSfxNk.pngB.11Composite Bow815vH Sold in game
    11-9-2023GbxorAd.pngB.13Storm Bow (Non Max)8Clean Traded in game
    3-8-2023wTBFhPB.pngH.7Twin Hammer (Purple)8Clean Sold in game
    1-9-2023JePepHN.pngH.9Zodiac Hammer (Purple)813^50 Traded in game
    8-9-2023eaSmSGK.pngH.11Mursaat Hammer (White)8Clean Traded in game
    25-8-2023C5gXmfN.pngST.8Jeweled Staff (Metal)10 IlluHCT Illu 16%HSR Inspi 20% Sold in game
    25-8-2023iPFVKXK.pngST.9Air Staff (Normal) (Purple)N/AHSR Air 18%HCT Fire 16% Sold in game
    25-8-2023HUWDoCI.pngST.10Raven Staff (White)N/AN/AN/A Sold in game
    8-9-2023sQQ13UH.pngST.12Bone Staff8 DeathHCT Death 18%HSR 10% Sold in game
    8-9-2023i52q1uj.pngW.3Holy Rod8 DivineHCT Fire 15%HSR Smite 15%35a by Cute25a met35a takenSold to Cute for B/O
    3-8-2023UoFW1E0.pngM.8Mini DestroyerDed Sold in game
    25-8-2023OTPeT7g.pngM.16Mixed Dye Sold in game
    25-8-2023864eQky.pngM.17Dye Remover Sold in game
    8-9-2023iuDnKw6.pngM.21Mixed Dye Sold in game
    [NEW] 23-10-20233RgIoK3.pngBT.6Aegis8 Tac-3/9-2wSt Sold in game
    19-7-2023B4XsVC7.pngSW.2Shadow Blade815wE Sold in game
    8-9-2023fos7TRK.pngSW.26Wingblade Sword815^50 Sold in game
    25-9-2023lPRjZ4D.pngB.14Storm Bow814^50 Sold in game
    25-9-20232fNv29g.pngB.15Shadow Bow813^50 Sold in game
    25-9-2023lCXzhqY.pngB.16Short Bow813^50 Sold in game
    8-9-202324ADPAt.pngST.11Shadow Staff8 IlluHSR 9%HCT 9% Sold in game
    8-9-2023qncVMFq.pngB.12Composite Bow813^50 Sold in game
    8-9-20235fimbj5.pngSH.12Tall Shield (Non max)7 Tac+35wEN/A Sold in game
    19-7-2023USh49uR.pngSW.11Sailent Sword (Blue)8Inscr.
    19-7-20234T9JyYN.pngSW.12Wingblade Sword (Blue)8Inscr.
    19-7-20233wgjpDI.pngSW.13Greater Highlander Blade (Blue)8Inscr.
    19-7-2023oQbfjty.pngSW.14Lesser Sage Blade (Blue)8Inscr.3a by San
    19-7-2023Mo9HaSd.pngSW.15Tribal Blade (Blue)8Inscr.
  • Zod sword clean 10a

    IGN: Mr Clean Value

    :!: Important: Please if i win an auction/or u want to sell me an item write me an PM so we can organize the Trade :!:

    ...................................................................( Thanks for understanding and appreciate the help <3 )......................................................................................................

    "Keep it clean!" 🧽💦

    WTB: x00g - Clean Value items - 360g Roundshield - 256g RAM-hammer - Waterwand with 20/20 Fire

  • Emma July 11, 2023 at 11:44 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “[Selling] - r8's - Pre Nerfs - Mausoleum - Uncustomized BMP Shield” to “[Selling] +1/20 +30 Shields - r8's - Pre Nerfs - Mausoleum - Uncustomized BMP Shield”.
  • Bump

    Listing some of my perfect attribute shields. Not all are for sale, some are mutually exclusive and others will only go for very good offers.

    Puppy some Echovalds and Diamond for you

    Cloud Strife

    Captain Krompdown I know there's some for you here

    Xin Yhu Aegis' and SotWs for you


    Unholy a r11 +1/20 Death +30 Amber Aegis here. It's not a r9, but maybe you're interested