This game needs an update .

  • This game needs an update .It needs to be on par with GW2 as in that game they give out lots of free stuff while in this game you have to make it and spend gold on it .GW2 gives out free skills .

    You missed the many times of free stuff here clearly... Not trying to be mean or rain on your parade, but check out the Official wiki.
    You farm for things, there's free drops, etc. It's easier to find out all this on the official wiki, than be rude with a post going this should be like gw2 with free items, etc. , not knowing that gw1 is a predecessor and honestly a well thought out game.

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  • Personally i don't think that the priority right now is to make an update but more to ban the bots i'm not asking to ban all the bots but to make a small clean up for example in ha sometimes you have to wait 45minute to fetid because there are too many bot.

    Agreed. If Anet decides to do anything in this game, their first priority should be eliminating the bots and real money traders.

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