Favorite campaign

  • Prophecies made me fall in love with GW also. But Factions is my favourite now, especially with the Vanquishing.

    EoTN is just amazing also. I love the whole game :D

  • It's a toss up for me between Proph and NF. The latter finally gave me the party based exploring that I was looking for since the classic Wizardry days with the Advent of heroes. The former had that vast and open exploration that I love.

    My fav place in Proph to hang out is Beacon's perch. Kodash is my spot of choice in NF.

    Not really fond of Factions because of the smaller and locked off feeling of the world, and the overall look of the areas do not appeal to me at all, except for Shing Jea and a couple parts of the Jade Sea. Don't even have a favorite hang out spot there.

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  • Prophecies!

    It's the Northern Shiverpeaks between Iron Horse Mine & Anvil Rock where it's snowing that I love the most.

    There's something about the lighting there that brings on waves of nostalgia from my childhood holidays.

    If I have nothing else to do in game, I often go there to farm, just to invoke that feeling.

    It also has a rather cooling effect on hot and humid days!! (Like today, going farming!) ;)

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  • Night Fall is the greatest hands down!

    It’s just plain beautiful. A masterpiece that added so much to an already awesome game. NF gave us Heros and a new currency in Arms. Not to mention Kamadan is the trade capital of the GW universe. People Trade GW 2 stuff in Kam haha.:D

  • Prophecies for the nostalgia factor as well as the best way to experience the original game.

    Factions for the music and scenery. Gorgeous environmental concepts with PvP impacting the continent.

    Night Fall is awful. Tolerate it just to pick up heroes. Seriously. Ugly environment. Overall lackluster and boring. Reminds me of when the power creep helped to hurt the game.

    EotN is great as far as seeing how far Guild Wars development had come and what Guild Wars could have continued to be if Anet created more Xpacs.

  • Quote from BJWyler

    Not really fond of Factions because of the smaller and locked off feeling of the world, and the overall look of the areas except for Shing Jea, and a couple parts of the Jade Sea do not appeal to me at all. Don't even have a favorite hang out spot there.


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  • without any doubt: Prophecies.


    HUGE area

    Many missions

    Chests of very different levels

    All those beautiful creature mods on shields: dwarf, giant, troll... lovely


    Those funny collector items

    All those fun farms from back in the day (55HP, SS, Wammo ...)

    Last but not least: all the good shield skins, that actually look like a shield and not like a fragile crystal or a fossilized leaf that would be highly impractical...

    Oh and: oldschool items!!!

    Factions got it's nice parts as well I like the kaineng city and shing jea for the asian style, also some very nice sword skins (even though I still prefer the Proph ones)

    I enjoyed presearing and southern shiverpeaks most when I first played it, but discovered all the options in the other areas very soon - now I love almost all parts of Tyria

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