OS Staves (Celestial/Cockatrice), Shields and misc stuff

  • First, the usual technicalities. Please take the time to read them!

    • I reserve the right not to sell if an offer does not impress me.
    • I only accept offers made in a post in this thread. No PMs, no ingame messages. This is to preserve transparency.
    • Consequently, no items will be sold ingame. I sell here or I don't sell.
    • There are no buyout prices since I don't know what the items are worth. Adding a buyout would simply be unfair. Do not ask for a buyout.
    • Always include which item you're bidding on. I will ignore bids that do not specify which item is being bid on, even if it's 'clear from context'. Just copy&paste my description if you want to save time.
    • I accept Ectos and Armbraces. For the purposes of this thread, one armbrace is 75e
    • I accept no trades, though if you're desperate to pay in Zkeys, we may come to an arrangement. No other currency is possible.
    • The bids on any item will be closed 7 days after the last bid on that item was made. This is to avoid snipes. I may extend this period for some items, but it's not likely.
    • Some of these items were in my last thread, but people who won the bids didn't contact me. They're now for sale again.
    • If there is anything to discuss, I may be available ingame as "Lily Gladechild".

    Now, let's have a look:



    +5 Energy OS Martial Weapons:

    Dualvamp/Dualzeal 1-handed martial weapons:



    Don't hold back on me, it's your time to shine! Also, this took a while to type. If there is a mistake, let me know via PM.

    EDIT: I added a Q9 20/20 Heal Cockatrice, in case someone wants that one :D

    EDIT 2: Due to retracted bids by some members of a trading guild, I removed the CO on Q9 Illusion and Q9 Curses Coackatrice Staves. To anyone else: Bidding high amounts does not mean I will be bullied into reducing the runtime of the auction.

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  • Celestial Shield, Q9 Strength, +30, -2wS - 5a

    Celestial Shield, Q9 Tactics, +45wS, -2wS - 2a

    Emblazoned Defender, Q9 Tactics, +3wH, +30 - 2a

    " A sword wields no strength unless the hand that wields it has courage"

  • Pronged Rod, Q9 Blood, HCT 10%, HSR 10% 25e

    Smiting Rod, Q9 Smiting, HCT 10%, HSR 10% 20e

    Koi Scepter, Q9 Spawning, HCT 10%, HSR 10% 25e

    Eternal Flame Wand, Q9 Divine Favor, HCT 10%, HSR 10% 25e

    Wailing Wand, Q9 Death, HSR 10%, HCT 10% 25e

    Amber Wand, Q9 Channeling, HCT 10%, HSR 10% 20e

    Holy Rod, Q9 Divine Favor, HSR 10%, HCT 10% 20e

    Protective Icon, Q9 Protection, HSR 10%, HCT 10% 30e

    Accursed Icon, Q9 Curses, HSR 10%, HCT 10% 25e

    Healing Ankh, Q9 Healing, HSR 10%, HCT 10% (#1) 30e

    Divine Scroll, Q8 Divine Favor, +30, Smiting Prayers +1(19%) 50e

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    Note: Definition does not specify rarity or value, although it could be a choice, it's not a requirement.

  • Idol, Q9 Blood Magic, +30, HSR Blood 20% 100e

    q9 20/20 Fire cockatrice staff 6a

    q9 20/20 Heal Cockatrice staff 6a

    Divine Scroll, Q8 Divine Favor, +30, Smiting Prayers +1(19%) 100e

    IGN: Luana Rose

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  • Celestial Sword vamp - 2a

    Crenellated Sword vamp - 2a

    Jade Wand, Q9 Channeling, HSR Illusion 20%, HCT Smiting 20% - 50e

    Holy Rod, Q9 Divine Favor, HCT Protection 20%, HSR Smiting 20% - 50e

    Accursed Icon, Q9 Curses, HSR Blood 20%, HCT Death 20% - 50e

  • Cockatrice Staff, Q9 Curses, 20/20 Curses - 5a

    Cockatrice Staff, Q9 Fire Magic, 20/20 Fire Magic - 7a

    Cockatrice Staff, Q9 Illusion, 20/20 Illusion - 6a

    IGN --> Azeral Styx

  • Celestial Staff, Q9 Air Magic, 20/20 Air Magic - 1a

    Celestial Staff, Q12 Illusion, 20/20 Illusion - 1a

    Celestial Staff, Q12 Fire Magic, 20/20 Fire Magic - 1a

    Celestial Shield, Q9 Strength, +30, +10 vs. Demons - 1a

    Celestial Sword, Q9, 15/-1 Health - 3a

    Celestial Axe, Q9, 15/-1 Health - 1a

    Runic Axe, Q9, 15/-1 Health - 1a

    Celestial Scepter, Q9 Communing, +15/-1, HSR 10% - 1a