Back in my day

  • back in my day you could not restart your survivor title---once you died that was it.

    and on a sad note, back in the day---my hubby used to play gw with me (he is the one who got me playing the game!---now he only logs into to give me his bday gifts if I ask nicely :()

    :mouse:where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar? :cookie:

  • Back in my day...

    I would hang out in Gates of Kryta on the hill near the wheelbarrow talking to the frog between runs of clearing Scoundrels with a horde of minions...

    and wonder to myself "wtf are all these monks doing here?"

    Oh and...

    Back in my day... Oink was the greatest tank in Guild Wars xD

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    Back in my day... Oink was the greatest tank in Guild Wars xD

    Hey, Oink is still the greatest tank in GW! Don't sell him snort...I mean...short.

    Back in my day, I actually played through the Maguuma Jungle. :)

    Lose a minion, make a minion.

  • Back in my day, many people went out searching for Nicholas when he moved to a new location. Then big excitement when rumors started to spread that he's been found and what items he wanted next.

  • Wow...I’m looking at inflation it’s seems to be insane since I left previously. Back in my day:

    I was able to get a run from LA to Droks for 5k.

    There was black dye for sale at the merchant.

    I had to rely on henceman to get through missions.

    Superior monk runes costed a fortune.

    Getting Legendary Cartographer meant something (I had to think I was one of the earlier recipients, since I was scraping the map before they came out with the cartography titles).

    You could map the island off of Lion’s Arch (that was one of the random arenas as I recall, before it was moved)

  • Back in my day:

    A Necro in a group could actually exploit the corpse of the group's Beastmaster pet.

    In order to cap an elite skill, you had to do it while the boss was activating the skill.

    When you took a character from Pre to Post, you actually had an opportunity to play the PvP part of the mission (and get some nice exploration done of the area behind the combat arena).

    In order to reach Level 20 in Pre, you had to Death level in the Northlands.

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  • Back in my day assasins didnt replace warrior in every way, shape, and shadow form. ;(

    Back in my day i could charge everyone in a party 3k each to heal and guide them through iron mines.

    Back in my day putting a pug together was fun and people communicated.

    Back in my day botting got you banned, wasnt discussed openly in AC on how to do it.

    Back in my day minion masters had no limits on minions and could steam roll areas, this lasted until they dominated Halls coming out of the gates with 60+ minions.

    Back in my day touch rangers dominated RA.

  • Back in my day, CaSH was active...

    Back in my day, alcohol title was ... long to finish

    Back in my day, it was possible to change second class in pre searing

    Back in my day, obby armor was "woooaaah"

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