"Right" and "Wrong" Order - Now with strawpoll -you can vote now

  • Probably the best explaination I've ever seen on a gw forum. Gotta stand with Pleikki for his power of argument on this one

  • Back in my Days

    Changed the title of the thread from “"Right" and "Wrong" Order” to “"Right" and "Wrong" Order - Now with strawpoll -you can vote now”.
  • I’m sorry but so far you’re all wrong.

    It’s casting time on top & recharge on the bottom.8)

    But only because, as everyone knows, the proper wand order should be recharge on top and casting below.

    So that way, when you pair your 20/20s you get a lovely concave arch on the right.

  • on wands and offhand I agree. metoo also prefers HSR on top on both items and HCT on bottom. its pretty symmetrical^^