WTS OS Items & Inscribable Updated 2/22/2021

  • If the item you bid on didn't hit its reserve there's a possibility the item will be posted again in the near future. Some Items will be salvaged though.

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  • Gothic Dual Axe9Axe Mastery15/-5e300 GV

    15e on that one

    Hand Axe9Axe Mastery20wH400 GVRBTBA

    5e on that one


    IGN: Mr Clean Value

    Link ➡️ Check out my brand new Twitch-Channel ⬅️ 03.03. (WEDNESDAY) STREAM : GvG-Scrim with Toxic Crew ( at ~21:00 Berlin Time)

    Content = Farms - Story Playthru with Lynn - communityruns - generell GW-FUN

    - Thanks to all Viewers, Followers and my Subscribers - ^^

    "Keep it clean!" 🧽💦

    WTB: x00g - Clean Value items - 360g Roundshield - 256g RAM-hammer - Waterwand with 20/20 Fire

  • Iridescent Aegis9Strength+30-2wERBTBA



    R/B 10e

    Glowing Runic Maul915^50RB10e

    R/B 10e

    Paper Fan13Spawning10% HSR10% HCTRBTBA


    Bo Staff13SpawningHCT Restoration (20%)


    Outcast Staff9SpawningHCT Restoration (20%)RBTBA


    Bo Staff10ChannelingHCT Channeling (20%)RBTBA


    ig = blind was my fury