Does it exist?

  • Chevy dropped a celestial sword really recently. It's in how did gw treat u :)

    And early this year or end last year a unident broad sword was sold 50a to Purely.


    IGN: Mr Clean Value

    :!: Important: Please if i win an auction/or u want to sell me an item write me an PM so we can organize the Trade :!:

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    "Keep it clean!" 🧽💦

    WTB: x00g - Clean Value items - 360g Roundshield - 256g RAM-hammer - Waterwand with 20/20 Fire

  • Hey guys,

    I’m wondering, if there is a recent provable OS q8 15-22 Sword drop non insc

    Any screens or news?

    Thanks :)


    These are the 2 OS Q8 Max Swords that I was so lucky to drop this year...

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  • Does anyone know if protection prayers staves drop normally? The wiki seems to think that several attributes do not drop for staves on several OS skins.

    "2 Uninscribable. All spellcasting profession attributes except for Healing Prayers, Protection Prayers, Soul Reaping, Fast Casting, Inspiration Magic, Energy Storage and Restoration Magic have been observed." - wiki quote

    If this is the case that's pretty sad, I guess I will have to wait until nightfall and inscribable weapons before I'll have a 40/20/20 prot staff on my Iron Monk.

  • I was going to start compiling the info to create the new articles in the wiki about 1) Unconditional weapons 2) PreNerf greens 3) HoD old weapons, and because this thread is called "Does it exist?" I think it's better to write and ask it here. Since the "Unconditional weapons", "The truth about Pre-Nerf" and "Info and research on prenerf greens" threads are actually very well documented already, the only thing with those will be to coordinate a good writing for the article.

    The remaining issue is to obtain the info regarding the Henge of Denravi original weapons crafted by Caprice.

    With the info and screenshots compiled from this threads I've created a table, but it's still incomplete. Also, according an unknown user in the discussion page of the sword, there were more items removed, as it states: "The warrior -50% hex helmet and some Necro tunic without the rest of the armor."

    Things in color red are the missing ones. Any help to preserve this is appreciated, from my side I reached a dead-end trying to scratch information, I'm going for a walk in the Guru archive but due the hard method of search I don't think I will be able to find something.

    Long Sword (1st version)
    Energy +5
    Slashing Dmg: 14-21 (req. 9 Swordsmanship)
    Value: 107 gold
    Battle Axe (1st version)
    Slashing Dmg: 6-20 (req. 8 Axe Mastery)
    Health +25
    Value: 64 gold
    Battle Axe (2nd version - 25 October 2006 update)
    Slashing Dmg: 6-20 (req. 8 Axe Mastery)
    Energy +5
    Value: ?
    War Hammer (1st version)
    Blunt Dmg: 18-33 (req. 9 Hammer Mastery)
    Health +25
    Value: 55 gold
    Longbow (1st version)
    Piercing Dmg: 13-25 (req. ?)
    Armor +10
    Value: ?
    Longbow (2nd version - 25 October 2006 update)
    Piercing Dmg: 13-25 (req. ?)
    Energy +5
    Value: ?

    * Note: final version of the weapons are not included since are our current ones.

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  • I was scrolling around archive for fun and came across with this and started to wonder again..


    I know these q8 Glooms been discussed before here and everywhere.. but i think its worthy giving it another try if someone has idea where in earth these dropped from :D

    This post says "theres only 2 confirmed in the game this is one

    the CR there is pretty much nerfed there wont be anymore gloom req8s"

    Is it prenerf? how can we tell :D

    Image from: https://archive.guildwarslegac…SCRIBABLE%20PERF.001.html

  • 43065615%20pic.JPG

    I know these q8 Glooms been discussed before here and everywhere.. but i think its worthy giving it another try if someone has idea where in earth these dropped from :D

    I think this is the commonly accepted theory?

    1. Dropped under the same weird conditions as other eotn oddities i.e beta dungeon chests, which dropped purple insc crystallines allegedly. Gloom shields are listed to drop from various dungeons.

    Buuuut this would be more fun!

    2. A good deed in eotn spawns lvl 20 smites and lvl 24 coldfires. Not sure these can drop from smites but they are the right level for r8. What level are locked chests in eotn NM? I thought they would be 600g chests which would rule them out.

  • Im pretty sure the Gloom Shield is a Halloween Quest drop. There is a quest (i tihnk mroe than one) which spawns UW Foes in Neightfall that are lev 20. This would also confirm the fact, taht it dropped pre EOTN

  • Good its almost halloween so we can try it out :) last halloween the idea came bit too Late :D

    Guess should try searching around in archive from pre eotn Release date time if there is any or some :p

    What quests are those? You maybe know names?