Unconditional Weapons

  • When you are told a weapon is "unconditional", what do you think that means? 65

    1. The weapon has +15% with no strings attached. (64) 98%
    2. The weapon has +15% & -1e/-1hp. Aka dual vamp & dual zealous. (0) 0%
    3. Both. (1) 2%

    Hello there!

    I am looking to pull in some collectors to this thread as I have recently discovered that there are quite a few players unaware of the existence of unconditional weapons.

    There are quite a few players convinced that items with "+15% with -1e or -1hp" are classified as unconditional.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that if any of those players were to try and sell the dual vamp/dual zealous weapons as "unconditional", they would promptly be laughed out of Kamadan.

    Any thoughts or input?



  • Unconditional weps are as they sound, that is to say have no condition attached to the dmg mod. (Like The Axe shown above).

    Dual zeal and vamp are not considered "unconditional" because they come with a constraint (condition) of -1 degen.

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  • Unconditional weps are as they sound, that is to say have no condition attached to the dmg mod. (Like The Axe shown above).

    Dual zeal and vamp are not considered "unconditional" because they come with a constraint (condition) of -1 degen.

    There is only one answer here: no strings attached. The Axe is the quintessential example.

    You'd be surprised at how hard a concept this is for people.

    Out of curiosity - Anyone actively play with one in their possession?

  • I don't think there is really any question about what the term "unconditional" means with regard to these weapons.

    Perhaps players who weren't around for, or aren't aware of, the time in the game's history when these things roamed the wilds are confused by the fact that DZ and DV (was well as 15/-5 and 15/-10) weapons always grant the extra damage, but they are playing semantics and missing the point.

    I agree with my esteemed guildies above. Additional damage. No conditions, strings, drawback or downsides attached. Pure.

    The r8 15 uncond axe is very much alive and well in our vaults.

    We also house the following on an active account. They are gifts given by an absolute titan from years gone by, the man who helped start me on my path of hammers.


  • I think this is pretty much nailed down. I agree that many people simply don't understand that items like this ever existed. They probably have just heard the term and are wracking their brains for something to attach it to. But just like anywhere else, sometimes the truth in Guild Wars is stranger than fiction.

    The Axe is intact, pristine, and perfect. As it was at its creation. It is not only the best item in the entire game, but also the most important. A unique moment in Guild Wars history, frozen in time. A true relic.

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  • As someone who started playing in December of ‘06, well after these were discontinued I imagine, I’ve always been curious about how rare they were back in the day. I always knew what they were, but of course never ran into someone with one (until coming back and seeing the few in PhD). When they were obtainable, how rare are we talking? Obviously all the time between then and now adds to their rarity, same as many other discontinued/pre-nerf items, but is there a relative equivalent in terms of rarity?

    Say, an unconditional back then was the equivalent of getting ___ nowadays? (I’ve heard similar talk of max r7s being somewhat common back then, having perhaps only become “important” over the passing of time).

    Did they (unconditionals) drop from any location? On any skin? Or only from the keyless chests, where so many other pre-nerf relics came from? For how long after the game’s launch were these obtainable? Having not been around for that time in the game, I wish I had the opportunity to just spam those keyless chests over and over, just to see what it was like :P

    Thanks in advance to those who know and were around at the time.

    PS: For what it’s worth, back in like 2008/9-ish, I wanna say I heard a guy with the gwguru handle of Todeshand (or something like that) had an unconditional crystalline. Anyone else know anything about that? Never saw a screen of the alleged item, but I mean I guess it’s theoretically possible for one to have existed, yeah?

  • This link (that Motoko gave) is probably the best surviving list and discussion of the game's inventory of unconditional weapons.

    As with any other legend, things tend to grow and become more and more disconnected from reality as the game of telephone stretches over the decades. I hope that game continues to stretch over many decades. At the same, though, it's nice to have a chance like this to dust off that thread and shine a little bit of light on reality.

    Thanks, Motoko, for starting this thread. Hopefully it helps more people understand a little bit more about our little universe.

  • Wish all the old screenshots there were visible :(

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  • Wish all the old screenshots there were visible :(

    I hear you. Luckily, you can still access every page of the thread if you manually change the page number in the URL. For everyone's convenience, here are links to the pages of the thread. There's some great info in there, including about dual zealous/dual vamp and those were once used to generate "fake" unconditional weapons.


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