Chat Filter - Filter out gold spammers.

  • Keep in mind that filtering them out doesn’t report then to Anet for the banhammer. Keep reporting them.

    And remember the headshot tactic 😉

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  • I've contacted A Net several times about adding Gold Sellers to the report menu.

    They've told me on as many occasions to report them as spamming.

    But what if they're not spamming? (I've been asked this by other players.)

    Then you ARE actually making a false report.

    The problem with sending a false report is this:

    In glaring red print on the report menu is that warning about false reporting

    and the consequences there after of abusing the system. Not good!

    I think that it will be less of a worry for players to report gold sellers if A Net would just put

    the darned box to check on the menu already.

    It's not as if they haven't been asked for years, and by hundreds other than me, I'm sure.

    Any one know these developers enough to ask them for this upgrade?

    Because it appears that this will be the only way we see it.

    And I'm sure that once it's in place the reports will flow like the Orinoco.

    (Still love ya Enya!)

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  • It’s the damage they do to the economy through their botting and critical inflation. The economy you are a part of through trading. You can’t trade and be unaffected by them.

    Not to mention the lack of respect for the EULA and the creators of the game.

    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde

  • Ditto what Max said, it's about maintaining a healthy economy.

    Without the ridiculous bouts of inflation, more people could afford to trade for

    nicer items, not just the privileged few who break the rules to get there.

    There is another problem that needs to be addressed with these gold sellers too,

    and that is their ability to fly under the radar using devious methods.

    In Kamadan as well as in Ascalon, you will often see their WTS in the Chat Dialogue Box.

    Often, it does not appear in the Trade section of the party window,

    and if you do go to report it you cannot, because they are posting offline.

    The /report feature does not register players in an outpost who are set to offline.

    There has to be a way around this, besides standing next to them

    with the chat log displaying their posts, and then taking a screenshot.

    I do that, then create another ticket with A Net for the gold seller box,

    and when A Net replies I attach the screenshots.

    I always get a Thank you we'll look into it, but in future please report in game.

    A Net does not want in game reports sent in this manner,

    but with offline yet active gold sellers, this seems to be the only solution so far.

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  • The thing which you described isn't related to a player's offline status, it's due to the requirement of a reported account to still remain in the same outpost by the time someone issues a report. :)

    My apologies, but my experience with this situation is different.

    They are still in the same district, yet can not be reported when they are set to offline.

    I have stood next to some of them in Ascalon and taken a screenshot of their active trade post,

    my report directly after their post, and the ANet statement that the player must be in the same district.

    Even though I have screenshot all of this all together, standing right next to the gold seller,

    it behaves as if they are not there.

    So yes, I do believe it's the off line setting that affects this 100%.

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  • Lexx I saw your post on Reddit:…ll_compiled_list/e0nuevt/

    Does this mean the some of the text that is currently being spammed in outposts is not detecable by the ChatFilter? I've tried updating my file but I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing it wrong as the messages still appear in-game.


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  • I'm not entirely sure actually, just that accented chars can cause trouble.

    Others here have even made software to generate all sorts of permutations,

    which can get up in thousands of lines. I don't think that's quite the best approach, as it feels like killing mosquitos with cannon ball (even if it does sounds fun shooing mosquitos with cannon balls..)

    If instead all accented chars would just be treated as their unaccented chars, just one line would cover it all.