How did you chose your main character’s name?

  • We all have a main character. The one we play most or the one we prefer for an inexplicable reason. But how did you decide on what that character’s name was to be? What influenced your decision?

    My main is Max Borken. Named after a character from a Lee Child book, called Beau Borken, except his first name wasn’t manly enough for a 6ft5 sword wielding warrior, so I chose the manliest of first names: Max.

    What’s your story?

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  • This is a good idea, I’ve actually been asked this question a countless amount of times. A lot of people ask me where did you even come up with Hr wa kk a . Well to be quite honest the name was created from a world of Warcraft name generator that you can use when you create a character. This was over 10 years ago and I’ve stuck with it ever since. Almost All of my characters have the name Hrwakka in it. That’s how you know it’s me :D

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  • MaxBorken

    Changed the title of the thread from “How did you chose your maim character’s name?” to “How did you chose your main character’s name?”.
  • My husband used old roman/greek/egyptian heroes. I went with japanese names... my main is Mei (female ele), his is a female ranger named Sileo. I kept my theme going through my whole set of characters on that account--they all have japanese names (save one): Mimi, Daisuke, Ai, Mamiko, etc.

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    Easy to associate me IRL with my character.

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  • For Prophecies I started with characters from my favorite playstation game Grandia 2,but then I added a female ranger and went with Diana the roman goddess. I also settled on a last name for all my characters, Dragonhart it sounded cool and Hart is my maternal grandmother's last name. Then when factions came out I stuck with the same last name thing of Nian and then I used Chinese deity for my names. and African and Babylonian names for Nightfall.

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  • My main character has the name that I always use for myself in a fantasy setting, which is Reyzadren. Admittedly, I didn't give much thought to the 2nd name because that is an unusual compulsory request from a videogame :P

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  • "Agent Chevy" originated when I first played Battlefield 1942 online when that came out in 2002. I kept this name throughout all games that followed. The Chevy reference is the obvious part, related to my passion for Chevy's. At that time, I had 3 Chevy vehicles, now have 2, one of them being the same 1973 Nova Muscle Car I had back at that time.

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  • Was the first game character I ever had to come up with and was drawing a blank for a name when my music playlist auto-shuffled to a M.O.D. song titled "Mr Oofus".

    The title character of the song is a complete jerk, and it's a stupid name, but it's OK, I can just roll the character as soon as I figure this game out. :/ /14YearsLater:huh:8)

  • Back in Tombs/HA it was usefull to have a constant in your name. :)

    So, while I was thinking about how to name myself an empty can of Ice Tea stood around me.

    In that moment I thought "Ice Tea" would be cool -> "Ice Tea Healz Yaa" was the first character in that line,

    later in the game (and to separate myself from the 2 other players named Ice Tea) I had to get rid of the Tea to have more space naming my character thats why only the word Ice was allowed to stay

  • The sound of a hammer mashing something? Kabong.

    Make it female cause that's how the character is? Kabongolina.

    The shape a hammer that is circular in cross-section makes when mashing something? O.

    O Kabongolina O


    Next character:

    To forcefully place something: stuff...cram...JAM.

    An animal for carrying things?

    J A M P O N Y

    Next character:

    A woman against whom resistance is futile: Dominatrix

    To make poop: Defecate

    A woman who dominates by making poop:

    Def Akatrix.

    There's 3.

  • Back when I first started playing in like 2008-ish I stumbled upon the community involving UWSC and the riches that followed. As a kid I thought this was such a cool realm and thought very highly of the people that managed to clear it efficiently (Sinway? Check my timeline). I wanted to be one of those people. I made an assassin named Eternal Ectoplasmus (who is now King Ectoplasmus) and the rest has been history ever since.

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  • As a fan of Greek mythology, I've been using Greek names for over 20 years now across many RPG's and MMO's. And since I'm also a Star Wars fan, creating a Monk meant she'd have to wear the buns. That's how Antigone Amidala was born. She has an older sister, Andromede. Last names are usually famous Sci-Fi surnames or nods to locations in RPG's. My Factions characters have Japanese names, and NF chars have Egyptian names. Takes me about 45 minutes to name a new character.