**NEW 11/14** >> 50 New OS & Inscribable Low Reqs (7/15 tact gold shields!) << **NEW 11/14**

  • My IGN: Purely Impurity

    My Discord: Purely#2018

    1. If you want a quick sale, give me a FAIR offer.

    2. This is NOT an Auction. This is first come, first serve and I will only sell

    for what I believe to be an adequate selling price.

    3. Prices listed are only a suggestion and I enjoy giving discounts for multiple item purchases.*,**

    *rb means I wont sell for less than this price, but the bidder runs

    the risk of being outbid before I can deliver the item.

    **bo means I will sell to the buyer for this price,

    unless they fail to collect it within 48 hours

    or have made prior arrangements.

    4. Leave your IGN with your offer. Offers, including rb and bo, run the risk of being

    ignored for another buyer who comes along if I do not know your IGN.

    5. Have a complaint? Reread rules 1-4 and cry elsewhere.

    6. 1a = 38e

    **NEW 11/14**


    **Previous Week**


  • Here's a summary of all the hot action! Once an item receives a bid, I'll do my best to put an r/b on it or if something is pending delivery, consider it sold to the bidder and no more bids will be accepted on it.

    H7: co 4a Red Fireball 24hr r/b 10a, bo 12a

    H5: 15e Red Fireball - pending delivery

    W1: 1a Internetuser - pending delivery

    W5: 25e Gentleman Xander - 24hr r/b 40e, bo 50e

    W8: 1a Internetuser - pending delivery

    W9: 2a Internetuser - pending delivery

    M2: 20e Kugiini - pending delivery

    M6: 25e Cloud Strife - 24hr r/b 35e, bo 40e

    M7: 7e Kugiini - pending delivery

    M8: 7e Kugiini - pending delivery

    N5: 10a Moon

    S3: sold 15e Agent Chevy

    Thanks to the people who bid like they wanted it (basically everyone except Moon ;))

  • Quick up date on all the hot action:

    1. Moon came in hot with a 5e self-upbid. He's lookin pretty serious now!

    2. Thanks to Gentleman Xander for the b/o on W5. This is pending delivery.

    3. Thanks to Internetuser for the sales on W1, 8 and 9!

    4. And lastly, thanks to Kugiini for your continued patience on delivery.

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