Museum posting and customization

  • Oy. That Gandhi.

    Where did he get off being so anti-violence? And forcing it on everyone like that?

    Actually he didn't force the people to be non-violant, he simply (intentionally or unintentionally) forced them to accept that he himself would not use violence and then people decided to join him :) He were however promoting that the non-violent protesters would have to be prepared to receive violence and even die, since they were very aggresive verbally during their non-violent protests.


  • ...and yet we point to Gandhi (and not the guys with guns) as an example of our higher strivings. This implies an implicit framework by which certain ideas are judged as more highly developed than others.

    To me, this whole thing is simple:

    • Display things you own
    • Display them intact, as they exist, not just the convenient/flattering parts
    • Be honest

    These are basic standards. To pretend that there aren't is dishonest, lazy, and (if applied in the real world) dangerous.

  • I wasn't gonna post here anymore because its only flaming and no respect of anykind shown here, but i want to give my last cents and use similar metaphor with it.

    So, these items been on display on the original, main museum (collection thread) for several years without odd frames and signatures seen for everyone, then new side gallery is made, that has 1/250th of popularity of the original museum and it has copies of the items with different display, and the original pieces are still seen on that 250 times more popular original museum with signatures after all this for everyone to see.

    You backing out because you have lost the argument. Plain and simple. Allow me to pick apart these ridiculous points.

    Yes previous posts in other threads without "odd frames" were no problem. You will notice nobody saying anything about those cause there was no problem.

    Shockingly a part of legacy that was created in September doesn't have as many views as beloved made over 4 years ago. Somehow in ur mind this is a justification for different standards. It doesn't matter if you miss represent items here because people can look back through 50 pages and find were they were posted before? Can you see what an utterly absurd defense this is? You have been shown respect but you don't deserve it if that's the best you can come up with.

    Your position is this: I did it honest once so please accept my dishonesty now.

    Nuff said.

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  • I think for most legacy users it doesnt matter that much because They dont compete in „who has better collection”. But I guess for people being deep in it it feels Like cheating ? I personally wouldnt think or know that these items re custoed so this style might be a bit misleading for some of users but in general I liked the way it looks Pleikki and you got them on your account so technically as some 1 mentioned you own them. Maybe for future you could post these that re custoed with full description by other players and keep „100%” yours with new style. At the end of the day Only value of these items comes from nostalgia and I dont think that making history of these things will be enjoyed by next generations :P, so all the history preserving stuff is odd for me :D. I respect you all and Just wanted to add my few cents.

    • Official Post

    Why do we do what we do?

    Why do we collect things?

    To be the greatest individual?

    For fame and (artificially manipulated) likes from guild mates?

    Or is it to preserve the items’ histories and the names that have passed through our community?

    Which items did people donate to Pleikki’s collection? I ask because I genuinely can’t tell, and not simply to make a point. Without your names on them, your contributions to that part of history has been deleted and assimilated into Pleikki. Are you content knowing that your part in the history of those items has been erased and replaced by another who is now passively assuming the credit? Because he’s not acknowledged the part you played in those items’ histories in any way. Any new viewers of these pictures will not know the history. And I wonder if that’s the plan.

    Why do we do what we do? What’s it for? Quite simply, it is:

    To preserve the items and not let ego replace their history.

    Removing names from historically important items is exactly as Kabong said in his picture frame analogy. You can’t tell me that someone looks at a Rembrandt painting the same way if they don’t know it’s by Rembrandt. The name adds a layer of history and wonder. It’s a Rembrandt, but if the viewer doesn’t know that, it’s a painting. Now imagine it displayed next to some other competently done paintings, none of which have signatures. They all blur into one and the names of the contributors are lost forever. Rembrandt who? This is what’s happening here.

    All the work put in by the person whose name is written on the items to locate, chase down, fund and then acquire them is expunged from the record. Their role and influence in the community of the time and their influence deleted. Their history redacted. And in its place is one man who sees no issue with redacting history so, but worse than that, passes them off as his now. Taking the glory that isn’t his, and casually disrespecting the original owners to advance his own need to be recognised. You may have those items now, Pleikki, but you’re merely a cameo part in their history, yet by removing those names you’re claiming to be the starring role. And it is this which is so distasteful and disrespectful, and this which has caused the issues discussed in this thread.

    Now, Pleikki, add to this equation your claims of “greatest r7 15^50 collector the game has seen” and your “writing my name into the books of history” you have said while presenting your own items and explaining why you yourself customise weapons during other discussions on customisation. Adding your own name to the books of history but thinking nothing of removing everyone else’s? That’s not the third reason I gave of preserving the history. It’s not even preserving the items. It’s the first two reasons I laid out at the top of this reply.

    Speaking as someone who owns important and customised weapons myself, it’s actually offensive that you remove the names that matter from their history and pass these items’ histories off as yours.

  • It might seem that people have diffrent understanding on museum section. Maybe setting up rules could help to make it what you guys mentioned about not Only showing off but displaying rare items from this game and history. Rules could mention how screenshot should look Like etc.

  • Just remember kids...

    The correct formula to find your adjusted e-peen size is ((L*D)+(W/G))/(A^2).
    Length times Diameter plus Weight over Girth divided by Angle of the tip squared.

    And as you can see, having your name scribbled over it or not doesn't affect the outcome.

  • Agreed. It doesn't really matter whether your item is uncustomized, custo'd to you, or custo'd to someone else. The same commonsense standards apply. Specifically, if an item is gonna be shown as part of your collection:

    • The item should be owned by you.
      • If you feel the need to fluff up "your" collection by displaying borrowed items, then the owner should be acknowledged. Possession is not the same as ownership. Credit should be given where credit is due.
    • The item should be exhibited intact, as it exists, including full information (item name, all stats, including extra damage from custo and custo name, as well as gold value).

    Pretty simple. Let's try to keep it real from here on out :thumbup:

  • I don't really care or have significant emotional investment in this thread as some obviously do.

    just gives me early morning chuckle thinking how pleikki hid names for collection to appear more worth

    And how on the other hand Frantic's shoes collection would be worthless with names removed

    Guess that's beauty of collecting shoes.

  • I want to add, I think it is odd that some people choose to customize scores of items, most of which they never use. I personally am not a big collector but I have chosen to customize items I use almost every time I get on to Guild Wars. Some seem to customize everything they own and it is kind of sad in my opinion. I have talked to people who have level 1 characters with req8s customized to them with no intent of ever playing on the toon and it saddens me. Just my 2c

  • I want to add, I think it is odd that some people choose to customize scores of items, most of which they never use. I personally am not a big collector but I have chosen to customize items I use almost every time I get on to Guild Wars. Some seem to customize everything they own and it is kind of sad in my opinion. I have talked to people who have level 1 characters with req8s customized to them with no intent of ever playing on the toon and it saddens me. Just my 2c

    agree, l've only customized my q8 14 50 Oni dags, and now l kinda regret it since l almost never use em...

  • Why do y'all hate on each other so much(some more than others)? We all love this game, so why can y'all just be happy for the people who keep the community alive? You are all such similar people, with a similar passion for Guildwars so why create unnecessary drama? Just enjoy the game, keep the community alive & stop judging people. If you don't like what someone posts, just move on with your life. There is no need to pass your judgement on to others. There are no set rules laid out by the admin team on Museum posting, so why should a few people decide to make some now & who made them admin? Coming back & seeing pointless threads like this just make me sad......

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  • the collector probably didn't farm himself these items. He or she just bought them. Its just a selfish move to customize them.

    a metaphor in real life : you buy a beautiful painting that is unique and you put your signature on it. It ruins the masterpiece in addition to the fact that you did not paint it. Its same for that, you put names on items that you didn't farm yourself. so sad and so shameless. It ruins the beauty and the purity of the item and consequently the beauty and the purity of this game.

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