The truth about Pre-Nerf

  • Ah yes, good call, this definitely sparked an old memory, I can see this being the root cause to some of the more rare skins and potentially the more common ones as well.

    Not to lose track of the original OP's question.....

    Has anyone had a Naked Sword drop for them that would only normally drop in insc? Or is that still up for debate

    It obviously is still up for debate lol, but from a "drops today" perspective, this is one of those things I think we would all want to see happen in front of our own eyes to be able to confirm the possibility (and if it does, maybe the deathbane issue was never fully resolved).

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  • @Montrell

    Buried in old screenshot's from 2008. I remember being offered it and 100e was slightly cheaper than a regular one at the time. Never hit accept, big regrets. But at least we got a first hand photo of such an item :)

    Anybody know where this ended up?

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