Your favourite weaponset

  • We all have a favourite weaponset.

    Some of us have a few favourite weaponsets.

    For some of us choosing a particular weaponset is really really hard.

    But I would like to see the one set you value above the others, even if it’s by only a single percentage. Customised or not, worth 68 gold or 6800 armbraces, it doesn’t matter. Post a screenshot of your one favourite weaponset in this thread please, and maybe explain why you value it above all the others.

    It can be a double-hander, weapon and offhand, shield etc too. More than one if you must 😉

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  • Thats a great idea max,no sarcasm I swear.

    Do you mean fav weapon set as in total or per class?

    Maybe that would be a nice thing to add aswell,fav weap set per class?!!

    Ok, why not.

    I meant the one favourite set of all, but that can be extended and interpreted however people want 🤗

    I’ll edit to clarify👍🏻

    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde

  • Hi, it is not a collection, but a selection of weapons for the PVE with my main Monk. Heavy Pack + 2 weapons in hand (F1, F2, F3 or F4). I have not touched anything for a long time (2009-2010) satisfied with that :)

  • I spend most of my time chest running, but when I want to come down to Earth for a bit on my Ele….


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  • Very hard to decide what would be favourite, theres so many things and sets i love!

    Choosing just one today i guess it's this, tomorrow it might be different xD

    Its still relatively fresh set and im still not boored of it and its just pure 100% Classic Guild Wars with huge oldschool wibe on it, in both skin and mods!

    Well here is my warriors nr1 on todays feeling :)



  • the-best-set.jpg

    Will always be my best & favourite two sets. Won't ever be for sale. Thanks to Coast, Toobs, and Pawning for making it possible.


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  • You're using the wrong sword for that shield mate.. Now quickly hand over the shield so he can be with his brother ;)


    This classic also never get's old for my warrior.. Reminds me of the good ol' days hanging out in Droknar's right after Faction release when the green shield + fellblade was THE weapon set to have.


  • I wasn't going to post on this thread for a while because I was no longer in possession of my favorite weapon set. My collection of Echovald Shields was disbursed several years ago and I've been working very hard at trying to remake it. Today the cornerstone was returned to its permanent home after a 7 year hiatus and I couldn't be more grateful to Hyndzy and Joker for making this possible. Thank you!



  • Wow, nice set Purely. And huge props for customizing that Broadsword. (Also to Coffee for the Spatha and EK for the Sephis Axe)

    I've never had the cash to get involved with the high end collecting market, so I hesitate to judge people who don't customize. But I like to think I'd have the stones to do so with something so preposterously rare. Now Pleikki needs to drop 10g on that Long Sword! :P

  • Warriors mostly prefer Strength over Tactics, but for me I also prefer Stances over Enchantments on Warrior.

    For me, the winning combo is stance sword [EDIT: OR AXE] & stance shield, regardless of the strength/tact dilemma.


    It's really just that simple.

    Stance gear is the best gear.

    Yep. Stance wins every time, especially with strength.


    They are ancient but they never get old :heart: