Your favourite weaponset

  • For when the trolls that don't have any hexes hex you.

    Trolls set.png

    I love it! Definitely the right axe for that shield. Makes much more sense in this context!

    But hey: in kessex peak you could simultaneously be attacked by fen troll and reed stalker and fog nightmare. Lure the troll behind a wall and it will be the best weaponry for the situation - take that, usability!

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

    IGN1 Red Fireball Rusher

    IGN2 Silberner Magier

  • Always liked the Tall Shield + Short Sword combo and thought it was the most iconic and coolest GW set. Happened to find the shield on this forum and bought it. Instantly my favorite set. Still trying to find a 15^50 short sword, but this will do for now.


    And probably my second favorite set, at least that I own. I think the shinobi + quill looks very assassin like.