Back in my day

  • Back in my day, the monks in Thunderhead Keep went on strike. I can't remember why.

    Back in my day, Dunes of Despair bonus was only ever achieved with Necrotic Traversal.

    Back in my day, Sanctum Cay needed to be done twice if you wanted the bonus.

  • Back in my day, loading into Sunqua Vale for my first GW experience and finding that my current gaming PC couldn't even handle it.

    Back in my day, I enjoyed laddering in Hero Battles almost every day.

    Back in my day, lurking in observe mode after being involved in a particularly exciting match to see what people were saying.

    Back in my day, having an influx of people ruin my favourite mode with red resign :(

    Back in my day, being introduced to HA with an all-necro Icy Veins spike and listening for the 3-count on Ventrillo.

    Back in my day, playing a near invincible MM in AB using Dark Bond.

    Back in my day, PvE guilds used to take Alliance faction seriously and do daily FFF runs.

    Back in my day, farming every area with Avatar of Balthazar before either VoS was a thing (including the neglected Vermin).

    Back in my day, when festival events were populated and people were still figuring out the dodge part of dragon arena.

    Ohhh edit, forgot the best one:

    Back in my day, we had an eBay style website for trading (does anyone remember that?!)

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