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  • Not as fancy as all your OS q8s and q7s ^^ but i got this one very early in my collection, gave me allot of motivation seeing something like this drop, so its one of my favs:


    My blue q8 fds/magmas set would be my fav, but i guess im not alowed a set here :3

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  • It's December, 2006, and one of my uncles has just introduced my 13 y/o self to a game called Guild Wars. Years earlier, the same uncle would introduce me to RPGs in general, my first exposure to them being Wild Arms and Final Fantasy VII. I have him to thank for my overall love of gaming.

    I had never played an online game before, much less one like this. Starting out, he spared no expense to help me. From strolling through pre, to hiring runners to LA and Droks, to gifting me my first superior vigor rune. I vividly remember some of the more innocent moments of my early days - asking in a presearing town how to save my game before logging off the first night, for example. The world seemed so big, especially after leaving presearing for the first time. I was hooked.

    My uncle would stay with the game for a few more months, but ultimately swap over to WoW. Being so young, I had no way to afford a subscription for it, so GW it was. I would stay with the game (and the franchise, when GW2 came out, for years). Slowly, my interest in GW1 rekindled. I would return to the game after a 7 year hiatus for the sequel. Coming back, I was flooded with the memories of years before, and the reason I was there at all. My uncle mained a fire ele, and always held a Lian's Lantern as his offhand of choice. (I remember my first time fighting this boss after getting factions. It didn't end well.) When I came back, I decided to look for more of these.

    A few humble additions here and there, but one day, while strolling through Legacy, one in particular caught my eye. Several months later, I would join PhD, a wonderful in-game family, housing the best of what would otherwise be long lost memories. Kabong would gift me several of his lanterns, and while asking around, I'd come to learn the aforementioned eyecatcher was in our guild.

    As MaxBorken said, there is perhaps a difference between my most precious item and my favorite item. My most precious would be the prenerf Lian's Lantern I have from my uncle's account.

    But today, after consistent poking, I was able to acquire my favorite item. The most important version of this skin known to exist and a representation of rekindled joy from years prior. A passing of the torch, both literally and figuratively.

    A million thanks to Expugnare for this treasure. It sits high above all others, shining its light for years to come.

  • How did I miss this for an entire month??? Great idea!

    Like others, I couldn't decide, went with the one that I have never seen another of


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  • My one and only 8/16 shield (gold) ever dropped for me, and since I mainly did my luxon title in jade quarry with a monk/para playing a build with 8 command, it also was (and sometimes still is) very usefull, not only a collector item! ;)

  • Since Cantha is where my heart is. i chose this cleaver :)

    PS: Special thanks to Enchanted Krystal for letting me put it in a well cleaned home <3


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